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Detail Duo: The Camera App for Storytellers


Paul Veugen


May 30, 2023

Everyone has a story to tell. With Detail, we want to help you capture and share inspiring stories with video. Today, we’re launching our biggest update to Detail Duo on iOS yet to make it easier to record and edit captivating video faster.

In Detail Duo 2.0 we’re adding a timeline, instant video backgrounds, and captions to your camera app to help you create amazing videos in seconds. We’re blurring the lines between a camera and video editor to give you the ultimate flexibility to capture any story, unleash your creativity, and show the world.

Read on to see how Detail completely changes how you create video by seamlessly integrating your camera app and video editor or download the latest version of Detail Duo on the App Store and dive in.

The power of an editor in your camera app

We’re adding a video editor to your camera app, so you can capture your story without switching between apps or juggle complicated editing tools and create inspiring videos in seconds.

Record the front or back camera, or both, or use any video as your backdrop with our instant green screen. The magic is that everything you record with Detail can be edited instantly. From changing layouts, to swapping out your background in a video, to cutting parts or a recording or adding another take. We're taking the power of a video editor and putting it directly into your camera app. Editing is not an afterthought — it becomes part of the creative process.

Show the world, capture a conversation, or swap your background

Record with your front and back camera at the same time, or replace your background with a video to record a reaction video, teleport yourself to another place, get creative with patterns and colors, or hide a messy backdrop. Pick any video or screen recording from your Photos as your background or pick one of the suggested backgrounds to match your style.

Captions to bring every story to life

Add captions to your video to increase the impact of your story, and pick from a great selection of text styles to match your video. The position of your captions will automatically adjust with the layout of your video.

Unleash your creativity

Forget switching between separate apps for recording and editing. With Detail Duo, the power of a video editor is embedded right into your camera app. Our simple timeline allows you to tweak your video's layout, switch between front and back camera, import a video from Photos, or opt for a virtual video background with the green screen layout. You can give your video an immersive feel with picture-in-picture, transport yourself anywhere with our green screen feature, or display multiple clips side-by-side. Editing no longer feels like a post-recording chore. With Detail Duo, editing is an integral part of your recording experience.

We're so excited to see the incredible stories you'll tell with the combined power of a camera app and a video editor at your fingertips.