Aug 14, 2023

New backgrounds, no more audio/video delay, full transcript, and camera controls. We have an action packed release for you. Get the latest and check out everything that’s new:

New Backgrounds

Try out the new Backgrounds. We’ve refreshed the backgrounds you can use to hide the chaos is in your room with the green screen layouts. Replace your background with subtle gradients or pick on of the realistic, stylish rooms for your next video.

No Delays

Behind the scenes, we made some big improvements to how we record and process video. Audio and video should now be perfectly in sync, also when you use an external microphone.

Teleprompter Speed & Horizontal Mode

You can now adjust the speed of the Teleprompter and record horizontally. Tip: Rotate your phone left to get the perfect position for the text, close to your selfie camera.

Save or Share Transcripts

In the Export menu you’ll find a new option to save or share the full transcript of your video. Save the transcript as a Note, share in a message, or copy the transcript to use in another app.

Remote Control

In the Settings, you find new Camera Controls. Use the side volume buttons of your phone to turn on the camera and start recording. An ideal shortcut to start recording with two volume clicks, or when you use a remote control or headphones to start and stop recording.

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