Sep 8, 2023

✨ What's new:

- We now have a Portrait option that lets you adjust your selfie camera image easily; choose from presets or create your own from scratch.

🛠️ What's improved:

- We've made improvements to the timeline and made it easier to make edits.
- We've added performance improvements.


Sep 5, 2023

We fixed a little stutter that sometimes happened when starting a recording.


Aug 31, 2023

🛠️ What's improved:

- We made improvements to backgrounds and background videos
- We added the ability to mute and unmute your background videos


Aug 22, 2023

🛠️ What's improved:

- We made improvements to captions, especially when editing your timeline
- We made a lot of bug fixes


Aug 14, 2023

New backgrounds, no more audio/video delay, full transcript, and camera controls. We have an action packed release for you. Get the latest and check out everything that’s new:

New Backgrounds

Try out the new Backgrounds. We’ve refreshed the backgrounds you can use to hide the chaos is in your room with the green screen layouts. Replace your background with subtle gradients or pick on of the realistic, stylish rooms for your next video.

No Delays

Behind the scenes, we made some big improvements to how we record and process video. Audio and video should now be perfectly in sync, also when you use an external microphone.

Teleprompter Speed & Horizontal Mode

You can now adjust the speed of the Teleprompter and record horizontally. Tip: Rotate your phone left to get the perfect position for the text, close to your selfie camera.

Save or Share Transcripts

In the Export menu you’ll find a new option to save or share the full transcript of your video. Save the transcript as a Note, share in a message, or copy the transcript to use in another app.

Remote Control

In the Settings, you find new Camera Controls. Use the side volume buttons of your phone to turn on the camera and start recording. An ideal shortcut to start recording with two volume clicks, or when you use a remote control or headphones to start and stop recording.


Jul 30, 2023

Auto Cue.

You'll find a new Auto Cue button on the recording screen. Add your own script and it will automatically start playing when you hit record. The text will play on your screen to help you record your video more easily, but will not show up in your video.

Get a public link to share your video.
Upload a video to web and get a private link that you can share with others. You'll find this in the export menu of a project.


Jul 21, 2023

Create your own blockbuster movie with the new pink glitter background.


Jul 21, 2023

Say it with video in iMessage! In this version we’re adding an iMessage app to record and share a quick reaction video. Or use your front and back camera to share your perspective without leaving your conversation.

🛠️ What's improved:

- You can now sort your library by date created, or edited
- Fixes and improvements for library shortcuts


Jul 19, 2023

🛠️ What's improved:

- We fixed bugs with canvas side menu appearing/disappearing
- We improved screen recordings
- We added UI/UX improvements to edit transcript
- We improved combo scenes and timeline interactions


Jul 19, 2023

We added shortcuts in your library to easily create new projects, import videos, add captions, create a reaction video and more.


Jul 13, 2023

🛠️ What's improved:

- Improvements to captions
- Various bug fixes and improvements


Jul 11, 2023

🛠️ What's improved:

- You now can duplicate projects from your library
- We made timeline fixes and improvements
- We made improvements to captions
- We added transcribe audio intent


Jul 9, 2023

🛠️ What's improved:

- We added a new recording timer to keep track of time while you record
- We made improvements to combo scene UX
- We made improvements to how markers work
- We made improvements to transcript editing
- We made timeline fixes


Jul 5, 2023

✨ What's new:

- We added a new settings screen
- You can now generate captions for any video in your library with a Duo shortcut

🛠️ What's improved:

- We made it easier to share your content with a new share extension
- We improved captions dragging
- We improved onboarding
- Various bug fixes and improvements


Jun 30, 2023

Fix for screensharing bug


Jun 28, 2023

Various bug fixes and improvements


Jun 24, 2023

Various UI/UX fixes and improvements


Jun 23, 2023

🛠️ What's improved:

- We've added new caption styles: easily change your font type, size, background and color in a single tap
- You can now drag captions to position them exactly where you want on the screen
- You can now transcribe the imported videos that are on your timeline
- We've added new backgrounds for your Duo projects


Jun 22, 2023

✨ What's new:

- Auto Edit: Generate a transcript and turn you podcast recording into an edited timeline in one click with AI.

🛠️ What's improved:

- Fix for stretched screen sharing while replaying
- Small UI fixes and improvements
- Performance improvements


Jun 9, 2023

Use the new Snapshot button to save an image to Photos. Grab a snapshot with the live camera or from a recorded video. Get creative selfies with the front and back camera using different layouts and frames, replace your background, or grab shots from a recording for the ultimate thumbnail when you share your video.


Jun 7, 2023

Celebrate Pride month with Detail Duo and spice up your videos with some fresh animated backgrounds and frames that are crafted with love.


Jun 5, 2023

We automagically generate Captions for the videos that you record or import. But now you can also edit the Captions if you want to change or fix any mistakes. Tap on the captions on the screen to edit the text and just save.


Jun 1, 2023

Import any video from your Photos to instantly add captions to an existing video or add clips to your recording. Use thew new "Screen" shape to perfectly mask your screen recordings when you record a reaction video or demo.


Jun 1, 2023

🛠️ What's improved:

- New preferred audio selection menu
- Crash fixes
- Performance improvements
- Transcription improvements
- Various bug fixes and improvements


May 29, 2023

Welcome to the new Detail Duo! This is our biggest release yet and this will change how you create video. It's time to unleash your creativity and share your story. In this update, we're bringing the power of a video editor into your camera app. Create engaging video faster and edit everything you record instantly. We're adding a timeline, captions, video backgrounds, and import of any video to make it easier than ever to share your story with video.

Read more


May 19, 2023

🛠️ What's improved:

- Re-open last project when app is quit and restarted
- Various bug fixes and improvements


May 13, 2023

This update improves combo scenes and contains small bug fixes and improvements.

✨ What's new:

  • We removed the streaming option from the app

🛠️ What's improved:

  • New combo scene UX

  • Reopen your last project when restarting the app

  • Bug fixes and improvements


Apr 26, 2023

This update contains mostly bug fixes and improvements

🛠️ What's improved:

  • We fixed a few crashes and made minor improvements to the usability of the app


Apr 19, 2023

Introducing Insights: Powered by @openai's ChatGPT, Insights automatically generates a title suggestion, short video description, relevant hashtags and even platform-specific captions to share on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

✨ What's new:

  • We've added a new Insights feature for Detail Pro subscribers. Automatically generate a title suggestion, short video description, relevant hashtags and platform-specific captions in the Mac app.

🛠️ What's improved:

  • We've fixed some bugs and made some improvements around screensharing.


Apr 19, 2023

You can now upload videos from your camera roll to Detail Duo so you combine any video with your selfie camera to create a quick product demo, add a virtual background to your video, shoot a reaction video or narrate your travel vlogs!

✨ What's new:

  • We've added the ability to upload videos from your camera roll to Detail Duo.


Apr 15, 2023

Bug fixes and improvements.

🛠️ What's improved:

  • Horizontal Detail Duo projects should now display properly in Detail for Mac.

  • We made some other small improvements to the Library, audio waveforms and screensharing.


Apr 14, 2023

This update includes some audio improvements.

✨ What's new:

  • We've added support for external wired microphones.

  • Detail Duo now records stereo audio.


Apr 13, 2023

🧑‍🏫 In this huge Duo update we've added a new Green Screen effect so you can combine your selfie video with your rear facing camera to create tutorials, walkthroughs and reaction videos in seconds.

✨ What's new:

  • Added two new green screen layouts.


Apr 4, 2023

We've added the ability to see any Detail Duo projects stored on iCloud and download them with a click. Plus we've localized the app for a huge range of languages.

✨ What's new:

  • The library will now display projects stored in iCloud Drive, allowing you to download and open iCloud projects

  • Detail Duo is now localized in English, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portugese (BR), and Portugese (PT)

🛠️ What's improved:

  • Minor bug fixes


Apr 3, 2023

Get creative with the ability to adjust the background color and inset for any scene. Get more accurate transcripts with the new language picker. Plus there's a whole host of other improvements and bug fixes.

✨ What's new:

  • You can now change the background color and inset of any scene.

  • We've added the ability to choose your transcript language to get more accurate results.

🛠️ What's improved:

  • We've totally revamped timeline previews to improve performance and reliability.

  • We've made some changes that should mean the Playhead position doesn't change unexpectedly.

  • We've made some improvements around replaying recorded clips.

  • We've made AI-generated markers better.

  • We've improved how audio waveforms are displayed.

  • We've improved support for imported video.

  • We've added better support for imported projects from Detail Duo.

  • We've improved handling of document saving.

  • We've improved audio channel selection.

  • We've made some updates to make responsive combo scene layouts better.

  • We've made some improvements that mean Detail now captures video at whatever frame rate you input, without throttling.

  • Various other UI and UX improvements.


Mar 26, 2023

The front and back camera now use image stabilization for the smoothest Duo shots while you're running around or dancing your heart out.

✨ What's new:

  • We've added image stabilization for front and back cameras.


Mar 22, 2023

Bug fixes and improvements.


Mar 20, 2023

Bug fixes and improvements.


Mar 17, 2023

Introducing Detail Duo, a brand new iOS app that brings all the magic of multi-cam recording to your iPhone. Record video with your front and back cameras at the same time and share directly to social media.

✨ What's new:

  • Remix your front and back camera with layouts after your record.

🛠️ What's improved:

  • Improvements and bug fixes.

Read the full announcement post.


Feb 23, 2023

We're following up our huge 4.0 release with totally revamped combo scenes and some helpful improvements.

✨ What's new:

Responsive Combo Scenes: We've totally revamped the way Combo Scenes work so now when you switch between horizontal and vertical mode, the Combo Scene layout changes automatically. You can now also add a background and inset to any combo Scene.

🛠️ What's improved:

  • You can now copy individual blocks in your transcript

  • Automatically generated transcripts are even more accurate

  • You can now create a new project with multiple existing videos via the New Project window.

  • Now, when you add a text layer you'll be able to edit it immediately without having to click on it.

  • We've made some improvements to waveforms.

  • We've made some improvements to markers.

  • You no longer have to regenerate your transcript when you reopen a project.

  • When you export SRT, VTT and TXT files they now appear in the Detail Library.

  • Hovering over the transcript now skims through your video in the scene drawer.

  • We fixed an issue that meant you needed to reboot your Mac to use Detail as a virtual camera in other apps after updating.

  • We fixed a bug that led to poor rendering of emoji in text layers.


Feb 6, 2023

In our this update we're bringing even more AI superpowers to Detail including automatic transcriptions and AI highlights in the Mac app.

✨ What's new:

  • Transcriptions: Record or import a video to Detail and generate a super accurate transcript with one click. Use the transcript to navigate your timeline and edit your videos in no time.

  • Magic markers: Automatically create markers on your timeline for the key moments of your video, then export them all at once.

  • Introducing Detail Pro: Paid plans are now available via the Mac App Store. Go Pro to get 1080p and 4K Exports, Final Cut XML exports, and to export transcripts as VTT, SRT and text files.

  • Record screen audio: You can now choose to capture system audio from your screen recordings.

🛠️ What's improved:

  • You can now add a duration to any markers in the timeline.

  • Markers with duration can be exported as separate clips.

  • If your audio and video are out of time, you can now adjust the audio offset to sync them up.

  • We've improved the toolbar with a new button design and layout.

🔍 What's changed:

  • We've made some improvements to the timeline.

  • Detail handles disconnected cameras better.

  • We've improved audio waveforms to make them more useful.

  • Zooming in and out is now relative to the playhead.

  • We've improved connectivity from iOS to macOS.

  • Plus some other performance and UX improvements to make your experience even better.


Jan 17, 2023

Create a Detail project from any video in your Library, plus lots of UI and UX improvements to make your Detail experience better than ever.

✨ What's new:

  • Create a Detail project from any video: We’ve made it even easier to quickly open and start working on existing videos in Detail — click on any video in your Detail Library and hit “Create Detail Project from Video”.

  • Record mode vs Edit mode: We made it easier to tell when you’re in record or edit mode and what actions you can take.

  • Cancel Library uploads: Here’s one for all the AI highlights fans. You can now cancel your in-progress uploads.

  • Name videos on export: When exporting a video, you can now name your file in the export settings options.

🛠️ What's improved:

  • The timeline now scrolls horizontally when playing back your video.

  • We improved and standardized the canvas menu buttons, and added new tooltips to help you find your way around Detail.

  • We fixed a bug where the first marker you added wouldn’t appear.

  • We fixed a bug that meant the total video duration appeared incorrectly when you first opened a project.

  • We fixed a bug that allowed you to scrub an empty part of the timeline.

  • If a project crashes, Detail will show a warning before opening the project again.

  • We’ve improved behavior around deleted projects and Library folders.

  • We fixed a big where incorrect images showed on Scene Packs.

🔍 What's changed:

  • We updated the items in the context menu when you right click on a clip.

Read the full announcement post.


Dec 22, 2022

Detail 3.7 introduces audio waveforms, markers, audio-only exports, and improvements to the Library.

✨ What's new:

  • Your timeline now has an audio waveform which makes editing your videos a breeze.

  • You can now add markers on your timeline. Use the ‘M’ shortcut or right-click to add and remove markers. You can also export your markers as YouTube chapters.

  • You can now export your entire timeline as an audio file only.

🛠️ What's improved:

  • We made performance improvements to the filmstrips of clips.

  • We fixed a crash after a failed recording that affected some users.

  • Other smaller performance improvements and bug fixes.

Read the full announcement post.


Dec 15, 2022

Export your video as 1920x1080 in HEVC/H.265, order your Library by date or type, and other smaller improvements.

✨ What's new:

  • You can now export your videos in 1920×1080 (HEVC/H.265).

  • Sort items in your Library by Type or Date Modified.

  • Other small performance improvements and bug fixes for the Library.

🛠️ What's improved:

  • We fixed a bug that sometimes caused the app to freeze during very long video recordings.

  • We made improvements to speed up the previews of clips in the timeline, when loading a new project or editing your timeline.


Nov 29, 2022

Detail 3.5 includes a couple of huge new features as well as a ton of bug fixes and improvements.

✨ What's new:

  • Highlights: Share the most important parts of your video with AI-generated clips.

  • Importing video: You can now add video to the timeline from outside Detail.

  • Multi-channel audio: Record multiple speakers or audio sources separately.

  • Reordering clips: Clips in the timeline can now be reordered to make editing easier.

  • Mac App Store: Detail is now available exclusively on the Mac App Store.

🛠️ What's improved:

  • We made some improvements that mean the video preview in Detail should be looking more natural and less red.

  • We also improved copy-paste behavior for text overlays.

  • We made it easier to make precision edits when splitting clips.

  • Clip previews in the timeline should load faster.

  • We improved undo behavior when editing — you can do undo more actions.

  • We improved video timing to help prevent audio/video delays.

  • We improved performance when replaying video.

  • We fixed a bug that was making it hard for some users to select text overlays.

🔍 What's changed:

  • You can now zoom in further on the timeline when editing.

  • We added a new shortcut to create an empty project (CMD+SHIFT+N).

  • We've added three new Scene Packs and improved performance around Scene Packs.

Read the full announcement post.


Oct 19, 2022

Bug fixes and improvements.

🛠 What's updated

  • We've made some improvements to screen recording with more to come!

  • We fixed a bug that sometimes meant you couldn't use the last selected scene as a source in timeline clips when switching from record to edit mode.

  • We fixed an issue that meant some scene previews would turn black while scrubbing the timeline.

  • We fixed a bug that was causing a crash if you opened a project with an empty Combo Scene.


Oct 14, 2022

Bug fixes and improvements.

🛠 What's updated

  • We've made some screensharing improvements.

  • We've improved exporting options.

  • We've fixed some bugs that were causing clip previews to not show up in the timeline.

  • We've fixed the depth field so blur should look better.

  • We've improved overlay interactions.

  • Other various fixes and improvements.


Oct 13, 2022

We've added the ability to edit Scenes during playback so you can tweak your image and text overlays, zoom and auto framing settings after recording.

✨ What's new

  • Edit in replay — Make edits to your Scenes even after you're done recording

🛠 What's updated

  • We've made some huge improvements to editing and replaying video in the timeline.

  • We've made it much easier to create and edit overlays.

  • We made some changes to the Library window to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

  • We fixed some screen sharing bugs that meant screens weren't showing up properly.

  • And we fixed a lot of crashes!

🔍 What's changed

  • Previously, when editing, switching scenes would make a cut in the currently selected clip and swap the newly created clip with that scene. Now, selecting a new scene will swap the whole clip without making a cut.


Oct 12, 2022

This is a big release, introducing Combo Scenes and vertical video plus easily export content for youtube and socials or import your multi-camera footage into any video editor.

✨ What's new:

  • Combo Scenes — You can now combine multiple cameras or screens into single Scenes, and choose from a selection of dynamic layouts.

  • Vertical video — We’ve added a new vertical mode in Detail so you can switch seamlessly between vertical and horizontal video.

  • One click export to Final Cut Pro XML — We’ve added a one-click export to your favorite editing software, like Final Cut Pro or DaVinci Resolve.

  • Easy upload to Youtube — You can now upload directly to YouTube via with just one click! If your video has subtitles, we’ll upload those to Youtube too.

  • New Scene Packs — We've added a ton of new Scene Packs to help you get started or level up your content. When you open Detail, you’ll see a new project window where you can download and open Scene Packs.

🛠️ What's improved:

  • We've made some huge improvements to editing and replaying video in the timeline.

  • We've made it much easier to create and edit overlays.

  • We made some changes to the Library window to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

  • We fixed some screen sharing bugs that meant screens weren't showing up properly.

  • And we fixed a lot of crashes!

🔍 What's changed:

  • Previously, when editing, switching scenes would make a cut in the currently selected clip and swap the newly created clip with that scene. Now, selecting a new scene will swap the whole clip without making a cut.

    Read the full announcement post.


Aug 3, 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • 🛠 Open recent projects from the File menu.

  • 🛠 Other bug fixes and improvements.


Jul 25, 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • 🛠 Library improvements.

  • 🛠 Shortcut enhancements.

  • 🛠 Performance, UI fixes and improvements.

  • 🛠 Timeline improvements.

  • 🛠 Reset timeline scale when recording.


Jul 12, 2022

Bug fixes and improvements.

  • ✨ New camera extension (use Detail in Safari, FaceTime and more).

  • ✨ New export settings.

  • 🛠 Timeline scaling for precise editing.

  • 🛠 Edit library items inline.

  • 🛠 New keyboard shortcuts.


Jul 1, 2022

Please make sure to update both the macOS and iOS app. This version of our macOS is not compatible with previous iOS releases. Download the latest versions here.

  • 🛠 Library fixes and improvements.

  • 🛠 Audio fixes and improvements.

  • 🛠 UI fixes and improvements.

  • 🛠 Undo/redo deletion.

  • 🛠 Filmstrip, timeline and player optimizations.

  • 🛠 File export improvements.

  • 🛠 Fixed multiple crashes.

  • 🛠 Improved file naming.

  • 🛠 New waiting screen logo.

  • 🛠 Snapshot improvements and copy to clipboard.

  • 🛠 Image overlay fixes.

  • 🛠 Default library location now in Movies.

  • 🛠 New shortcuts.

  • 🛠 Screenshare improvements.


Jun 7, 2022

Some small bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • 🛠 Library crash fix.

  • 🛠 UI fixes and improvements.

  • 🛠 Dismissing empty scene when recording.

  • 🛠 Fixed horizontal scroll on timeline.

  • 🛠 Scene pack crash fix.

  • 🛠 Performance improvements.


Jun 2, 2022

This is our biggest update yet! You can now use Detail to record, stream, and edit all in one app. Here’s a rundown of the latest updates…

  • ✨ Timeline and editing: Now you can edit your videos in Detail. Trim, split, swap and delete clips in the timeline.

  • ✨ Multi-cam recording: Set up multiple cameras, hit record once, and capture all your shots in a single take.

  • ✨ Scene Packs: Downloadable collections of high quality templates to use in your videos.

  • ✨ Screen Sharing: Share any window or screen at 30 FPS and capture multiple screens at once.

  • ✨ New virtual audio interface lets you send your Detail audio to other apps.

  • 🛠 Improved iOS camera performance over wired and wireless connections.

  • 🛠 Improved text and image overlays including add multiple image and text overlays in one scene, new fonts and better controls.

  • 🛠 Introduced a .detail project file so you can work on multiple projects or save a project and jump back in where you left off.

  • 🛠 It’s now super easy to save short clips and snapshots or export your whole timeline when you’re ready to share your video.

This version is optimized for M1 Macs. Read more here: