Introducing magic canvas: record, remix, and share everything


Tima Fofana


October 12, 2022

Back in June, we launched Detail Studio 3, including a total design overhaul and supercharged editing features to give you more flexibility in video production. Now, just a few months later, we’re excited to introduce another powerful lineup of features to bring you a new kind of workflow that helps you go from recording without breaking a sweat.

Get total creative freedom with the new magic canvas — record once, remix your video with dynamic layouts and seamlessly switch from horizontal to vertical format. Easily export content for youtube and socials or import your multi-camera footage into any video editor with one click. In short, take control of every step of your video production workflow. 

Record once, capture everything with magic canvas

We get it. To really make the most of your content, you need to share it on multiple sites and platforms. Whether you upload podcast episodes to Youtube and promote them on TikTok or you you’re advertising your Thinkific course on Instagram, you’re going to need to remix your content in lots of different shapes and sizes.

Create dynamic content with Combo Scenes

With combo scenes, we're bringing a true, pro, multi-camera video production experience to the Mac — functionality that until now required expensive hardware, lots of frustrating data handling or a whole production studio. 

You can now combine multiple cameras or screens into single Scenes, and choose from a selection of dynamic layouts designed for podcasting, product demos and tutorials, as well as vertical or horizontal combinations.

Every scene is recorded separately so you can capture engaging split screen or picture in picture content AND record the isolated cameras and screens — giving you total flexibility when it comes to the edit. 

If you’ve already recorded and realized that you want to add a new Combo Scene, no problem! You can add Combo Scenes after recording and remix your existing clips as much as you like. No need to set them all up at the start of your recording session!

This makes it easier than ever to capture multiple cameras and screens in several different layouts at the same time. Whether you’re making a tutorial or recording your podcast, you can add a second or third camera, a top-down angle, or a high-quality screen recording to really help you tell your story. All you need to get started is your Mac and a camera or two. 

To create a Combo Scene, make sure you have a couple of Scenes already in your Detail project, then click the “Add Combo Scene” button in the scene drawer. Choose your preferred layout, select the cameras or screens you want to combine, and you’re good to go. 

Shoot once, get everything you need with vertical video

Making content for social media often feels like a chore — cropping horizontal videos, cutting highlights and getting all those files onto your phone can be a pain. But quality social content is crucial if you want to grow your audience, your community, or your revenue. And, since most folks are watching your content on their phone these days, it needs to be mobile friendly!

To help, we’ve added a new vertical mode in Detail so you can switch seamlessly between vertical and horizontal video, set up your shots and then record content in both formats at the same time. 

If you’re recording for mobile platforms first, then Detail becomes an all-in-one social content creation studio. Shoot gorgeous portrait video with your rear-facing iPhone lens or a pro camera, add text and images, and then export vertical videos directly from Detail. 

Share more with Detail Studio on the web

Being a content creator isn’t just about shooting and editing. Sharing your content online is sometimes the hardest part. With combo scenes and vertical video support in the new magic canvas, we’ve given you the tools you need to create content for any platform. 

With Detail on the web, we’re finding ways to make actually sharing that content easier too. And we’re starting with Youtube. You can now upload directly to YouTube via Detail.co with just one click! Detail already generates super accurate subtitles and transcriptions when you share, to the web so, if your video has subtitles, we’ll upload those to Youtube too.  

That’s just the beginning though — we plan to make it so easy to create and share video highlights, that you won’t have to do anything at all. Keep your eyes peeled for another announcement soon!

Shoot with Detail Studio. Edit anywhere

For most creators, Detail Studio has all the tools you need to record, edit and share stunning video, without ever leaving the app. But we know there are lots of pro video producers out there who need a little more control.

We want Detail Studio to fit into every video workflow, so we’ve added a one-click export to FCPXML, meaning you can shoot stunning, multi-cam footage in Detail and edit it in your favorite editing software, like Final Cut Pro or DaVinci Resolve.

All of your isolated video recordings and timeline data will be exported so if you’ve already made cuts and scene switches in Detail, those will be reflected when you import your video into Final Cut or Da Vinci. Check out our quick tutorial to learn more.

Level up your next video with brand new Scene Packs

Along with all these other exciting new features, we’ve been hard at work, creating a ton of new Scene Packs to help you get started or level up your content. These new Scene Packs are designed to work with Combo Scenes and vertical video, and we’ve even updated our existing packs too.

When you open Detail, you’ll see a new project window where you can download and open Scene Packs, so it’s super easy to grab a template and start shooting. 

Sounds good right? Get started today!

We’re excited to be bringing another collection of powerful features to Detail but we’re even more excited to see how you’re going to use them. If you haven’t already, you can download Detail Studio for free, join the Discord to get support and share inspiration, or follow us on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube.

Get started with a free Scene Pack

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