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Four reasons to start making vertical video


Tima Fofana


January 12, 2023

Vertical video is all the rage these days and for good reason. Most content is being watched on mobile devices, and 94% of the time that's means it's being viewed vertically. Even YouTube has enabled a fullscreen playback feature for vertical videos.

And with the growing popularity and algorithmic success of TikTok, Youtube Shorts, and Instagram Reels, vertical video has become the go-to format for promoting content. Keep reading to learn more about why you need to start making vertical video. 

Give your audience what they want

First, it’s important to understand how people are consuming video. More and more people are watching videos on their mobile devices, and over 70% of millennials don’t bother flipping their mobile devices horizontally when watching videos. That means that if you want your content to be seen by as many people as possible, you need to create vertical videos.

Second, vertical videos are more engaging than horizontal ones. Studies have shown that 90% of vertical videos have a higher watch completion rate compared to horizontal. That means that your videos need to be vertical if you want them to have more impact.

As a bonus, people are more likely to share a vertical video with their friends than a horizontal one. So if you are looking for ways to become more discoverable and create videos that reach more people, vertical video is the answer.

You need it for social media

Vertical video is a must for social media as the platforms are not only optimized for a mobile experience but the algorithms that suggest content to users actually prioritize vertical videos. Although Snapchat is often credited as being the pioneer of vertical video, the largest social platforms have not only embraced it but taken the format to new levels.

A whopping nine out of ten users watch videos every week on Instagram. TikTok users spend an average of 95 minutes per day in the platform and watch over one billion videos combined every day. YouTube Shorts alone has over 30 billion daily views and 1.5 billion monthly logged-in users. 

Being able to take advantage of Instagram Stories and Reels, TikTok, and Youtube Shorts, means that you’re not missing out on opportunities to grow your brand, community or audience.   

It can help your brand

Studies have found that consumers claim that the format is not only more engaging, but 65% of people find brands using vertical video for their advertising to be “more innovative”. Even if you don’t have world-domination plans for your personal brand, adjusting your content based on how people perceive video is a smart move. 

Create additional income streams

Advertisers are reaping the benefits of vertical video and you could be too. YouTube is even experimenting with a new machine learning technology that reformats horizontal video ads into square or vertical depending on how someone watches the ad.

Monetizing on social media is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but using vertical video can definitely help along the way. TikTok launched a Creator Fund back in 2020 to reward their highest performing creators. And YouTube took a leaf out of TikTok’s book by announcing a $100M fund to reward creators for their dedication to making original vertical videos.    

How Detail can help

Creating vertical videos doesn’t need to be difficult, expensive, or time-consuming. Leverage Detail’s Magic Canvas to capture everything you need for your chosen platforms, through dynamic layouts and overlays. We’ve created a bunch of Scene Packs so you don’t have to start from scratch. All you need to do is hit record and tell your story! Download Detail to get started today.

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