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Record and edit multi-cam video without an ATEM Mini


Shawn Roos


July 15, 2022

If you're googling multi-camera recording setups (hi, we feel you) you might have come across the Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini or its bigger (and more scarily priced) brother, the ATEM Pro Extreme. 

These magical devices give you up to eight HDMI inputs and a generous number of hands-on controls to connect, control and manipulate multiple camera feeds in real time — with some neat one-button visual effects to boot.


All that power comes with a hefty price tag too and as much as we love the Atem Mini range, chances are, you already have a far more powerful device — your Mac.

Multi-cam video production without the $1000 price tag 

With Detail and your Mac, it's not only possible to capture, produce and edit multi-camera video recordings — it's easier too. Detail will let you connect as many cameras to your Mac as the Atem Mini and works with just about any capture card or HDMI adapter out there (even the really cheap ones).  

Once you’ve connected your cameras, Detail gives you unprecedented creative production powers for live video too. If the ATEM Mini’s input switching caught your eye we think you’ll love Detail’s Scenes. You can create as many as you need; each with different camera configurations, titles, overlays and filters —  then switch between them while you stream or record. 

True multi-cam recording 

You can even use Detail to live stream to Youtube or Twitch over RTMP while recording locally, a feature reserved for only the upper echelons of the ATEM Mini range. 

In Detail, ISO recording is standard –  irrespective of the number of cameras screens or app windows in your project.  Every time you hit that record button, every Scene and every camera or video input is recorded.  Is that overkill? You’ll thank us in the edit. 

Speaking of editing 

“Edit” is a four letter word for most of us, so we’re working on a video editing experience for everyone else. Simple, clear and purpose-built for multi-camera recordings — a workflow focused on getting content in front of your audience as quickly as possible. For those who come alive during the cut, raw recordings are labeled and accessible for use in the editor of your choice. 

Did we just save you a grand?

We get it, shiny new things are awesome. But if that price tag has had you sitting on the fence about the ATEM Mini, consider that Detail is free. No tricks, no black magic, just cinematic video made simple. And they play well together too so whether you splurge on the ATEM Mini or not, Detail can still be a great extension of your video toolbox.