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One-click timeline export to Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve


Daniel Duke


October 12, 2022

Detail is an incredibly powerful tool for shooting multi-camera video content, without investing in expensive hardware or software. Just connect any cameras you have, set each one up as a separate scene, hit record once and you can shoot perfectly synced multi-cam footage in your timeline.

Previously, you could export these isolated recordings to edit in other video editors like Final Cut Pro, or DaVinci Resolve but it was a manual process and it didn’t include any of your timeline data — like cuts or scene switches. 

In the latest update, we’ve added a one-click timeline export that saves your Detail timeline as a Final Cut Pro XML file (FCPXML), that can be opened as in Final Cut Pro or imported as timeline in DaVinci.

If you’re a pro video producer, this means you can now easily record all of your footage in Detail, then export everything to your preferred video editor as a timeline or multi-cam project. No set up, no syncing. Just stay in the flow.

If you’ve already made cuts and scene switches in Detail, those will be reflected when you import your video into Final Cut or DaVinci. 

Note: any text or image overlays you added in Detail won’t be included in the export. 

Exporting your multi-camera timeline in Detail

To use this new feature just click on “Timeline” in the menu bar and select “Export Source video as FCPXML”. This will export the file to your Detail Library.

Importing your timeline to DaVinci Resolve

To import the timeline file into DaVinci, click on File > Import Timeline… select the FCPXML file in Finder, click Open and then Ok. Your multi-camera video should appear in DaVinci, synced up and ready for editing. 

We recommend importing your video in Edit mode in DaVinci. There’s a bug in Cut mode that causes the import to be slow or fail. 

Importing your timeline to Final Cut Pro

To import your XML file into Final Cut, choose File > Import > XML in the Menu Bar, then, in Finder, select the FCPXML file you want to import and click Import. 

You can also import XML files by double-clicking them in the Finder or dragging them to the Final Cut Pro app icon.

Final Cut should import the XML and generate the corresponding clips, events, projects, and library, from your Detail timeline. 


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