Get video production superpowers with Detail Studio 3


Daniel Duke


June 2, 2022

Today we’re dropping Detail Studio3, our biggest release yet — jam packed with new features and functionality, giving anyone the power to produce, stream, record, and edit cinematic video, all in one place.

We’re talking a total makeover, all new editing tools, improved text and image overlays, FREE templates, supercharged screen sharing, and even a little bit of time travel. 😉 Read on to find out how Detail 3 makes cinematic video content as simple as posting a story to Instagram or TikTok.

Introducing timeline — infinite flexibility for any video workflow

If you’re a Detail Studiouser, you’ll know you can already record videos in Detail. This made it super easy to capture a high quality version of your stream or presentation without opening another app. In the latest release we’re introducing editing capabilities to turn Detail into an all-in-one video production tool. Now, when you hit record in Detail, you’ll see a brand new feature appear — the timeline.

The timeline is a sort of “what you see is what you get” video editor with some magic built-in. When you record your video, Detail doesn’t just capture the selected Scene but also records every Scene in your project. Recorded clips appear on the timeline and, if you switch Scenes during recording, a new clip is created.

This flexible video production process unlocks some exciting new editing workflows:

• Set up your video with multiple cameras and custom overlays beforehand, produce while you record and cut down on editing time.

• Going live? Record your content in high quality while you stream and then you can recut your stream for Youtube or social media.

• Or (our personal favorite), set up your cameras, hit record and figure out the edit later. You can just focus on your performance and let Detail capture everything.

When you scrub the timeline, you’ll switch out of live mode and see a preview of your clips in the main window, as well as previews of all your other recorded content from each Scene in the scene drawer. You can play back the clips in the timeline and perform some basic editing functions like deleting and splitting clips. But it’s the new “Replace Clip” feature where things get really interesting…

Record every angle in one take

Traditionally, creating videos with more than one camera is hard — lots of shooting, re-shooting, exporting, importing, syncing, and trawling through footage looking for your best take. With Detail Studio, we wanted to remove that friction so you can just tell your story and everything you need to make a cinematic video will be there on the timeline when you’re done.

Last year we made it possible to connect multiple iOS devices and cameras to Detail, unlocking a powerful multi-cam streaming and recording workflow where each camera could be assigned to a different scene in your project, giving you the power to change angles on the fly.

In the latest release, we’re taking this to a whole new level with always on multi-cam recording. So you can set up multiple cameras, hit record once, and capture all your shots in a single take. Shooting a five-minute makeup tutorial? Now it actually takes five minutes. Recording a podcast with two guests and a host? You can capture all three angles without having to worry about exporting and syncing your video at the end.

To get started with multi-cam, add each of your cameras to a different Scene and press record. You’ll see the timeline appears and your first clip gets added. Switching Scenes while recording creates a new clip in the timeline. But, like we said earlier, Detail also records each of your Scenes separately, which means you can switch to a different camera AFTER YOU’RE DONE RECORDING.

Maybe you cut away from your close-up too early or you were looking at the wrong camera for a second. You can just split the clip in the timeline and replace the part you don’t want with another Scene. No need to trawl through your footage or re-sync your audio. That’s multi-cam magic ✨

It also works with Scenes that include screen shares, images, or text so if you started talking while your intro was still on screen or need to cut to your end card sooner, you can do that too.

Multi-cam editing like this is just one of the new workflows that the timeline unlocks but we think it shows off how powerful video production in Detail can be. We’re just getting started with the timeline and there are more editing features coming soon, including clip trimming and the ability to edit overlays and camera settings on recorded clips.

We’ve also made it easy to save short clips for social media, take a snapshot for your thumbnail or export your whole timeline when you’re ready to share your video and there’s more good stuff to come there too.

Screen sharing

Along with multiple cameras, you can now share any window or screen at 30 FPS. Just create a new Scene, select the screen or window you want to share and you’re ready to record or stream. You can even share multiple screens at once so you can avoid awkward transitions when switching windows in presentations or live streams — set up your windows beforehand, and switch Scenes to move from one screen to the other.

A stunning new interface

As well as some huge new features Detail 3 comes with total visual overhaul. This includes an updated and simplified UI to improve your experience and make it easier to find the tools you need. Plus, we’ve given the app a fresh new look with a stunning darker interface that really makes your content pop. 🖤

You’ll see a brand new audio selection option that lets choose your audio input in Detail. This coincides with the addition of a new Detail audio plugin that lets you send your Detail audio to other apps and software — no more fiddling with microphone settings.

And we’ve also taken some time to make text and image overlays better, including the ability to add multiple image and text overlays to a scene, new fonts, and improved controls for scaling, positioning, and centering.

Get started in seconds with free Scene Packs

Improved overlays make it even easier to add custom branding, text and titles to your videos but it can still be hard to know where to start. To help, we’re launching our first ever Scene Packs — downloadable collections of high quality overlays for anyone to use in their videos.

We’ve started with some popular options — designed for beauty, podcasting, and food and drink but you can also edit the templates to make them your own. There are more Scene Packs coming soon. Check out the first Scene Packs.

Want to roll your own Scene Pack? In Detail 3 it’s now possible to save a project and share it with others. Project files include all your custom text, images, clips, scenes, and camera settings so you can create a set of stunning scenes and share that .detail file with anyone else.

Going all in on M1

If you’ve read this far, you’ll know the latest version of Detail Studio really packs a punch and to supercharge some of these features we’ve gone all in on Apple’s new Silicon chips. That means if you’re rocking a Mac with an AMD or Intel chip, some of the newest features have not been optimized for your machine. Read more about why we’re betting on M1.

Ready to give it a spin? Get Detail Studio 3 and start making cinematic content today. We’d love to hear what you think of the latest update — join our Discord community and let us know! Want to get the latest updates from Detail? Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok, subscribe on Youtube or sign up for our newsletter below.

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