Auto Framing and multi-camera support in Detail 2


Daniel Duke


December 16, 2021

It's been two months since we launched Detail 1, including Scenes and Cinematic Blur and we've been hard at work to bring you another huge update before the end of the year.

Today we're launching Detail 2, introducing some really exciting new features, including Auto Framing so you always get the best shot, and the ability to connect multiple iPhones and iPads to a single Mac for multi-cam magic.

If you're short on time, check out the video to see everything you can do with Detail in 30 seconds. And if you want to get the full rundown, read on.

Make every shot the perfect shot with Auto Framing

Whether you're taking a video call, hosting a virtual event, or recording a performance, staying in shot can be hard, especially if you want to move around or change camera angles.

That's why we're introducing AI-powered face detection and buttery smooth Auto Framing. Turn on Auto Framing to improve the composition of your shot using your iPhone camera, external DSLRs, and webcams, without having to fiddle with precise camera positioning.

We've added some intuitive controls so you can get the right speed and zoom levels for wide, mid, and close-up shots. And you can select the shot composition — left, center, or right of frame — to get the perfect shot every time. Say goodbye to static performances and presentations — now when you move around your space, the camera comes with you.

Put your iPad or iPhone to work with multi-cam

Previously with Detail you could connect one iOS device and multiple other cameras to your Mac. This allowed for multi-camera setups but required you to use your built-in webcam or another external camera to make it happen. Now, you can connect multiple iOS devices, choose the lens you want to use, and assign the cameras to individual Scenes.

If you have an iPad and iPhone, you suddenly have access to a powerful, multi-camera setup with just the devices in your office or studio. Use your built-in webcam or another external camera for three, four, or more camera angles.

Combine this multi-cam setup with image overlays and different Auto Framing settings to switch between angles, pan across your shot, and create content that keeps your audience engaged.

And that's not all

As well as these bigger features, this release also includes some smaller, quality of life updates:

• Scene preview thumbnails are now live, so you can see exactly how each scene will look before switching.

• We've polished the interface and added finer controls for things like text size, color, and opacity in overlays.

• We’ve made a number of performance improvements that should help with stability.

• And finally, we've improved the existing filters to make the effects a little more subtle and added four new filters: Paris, Reykjavik, Tallinn, and Singapore.

We've also launched a brand new website at detail.co that includes a handy guide for getting started with Detail. So why not download the apps and try it for free today?

We're really excited to share our journey at Detail and we'd love you to join us. If you want to come along for the ride, you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram, subscribe to our Youtube channel, or sign up for the Detail newsletter below.