Speed up your video edits with audio waveforms and markers


Paul Veugen


December 22, 2022

Our last release of 2022 just shipped to the App Store! To wrap up an exciting year, we shipped one more release for you to experiment with, while we take a short break for the holidays. In this release we’re introducing audio waveforms, markers, and audio-only exports. 

Read on to discover how these features will help you edit faster in Detail.

Audio Waveforms

We now visualize the audio of your recorded clips, which makes editing much easier. Zoom in and out on your timeline with ⌘ and + / - and cut your clips based on the audio in seconds. With the waveforms you can edit more precisely, faster. Find the right spots to cut to a different scene, or remove gaps to make your video more snappy.


Use markers in your timeline to flag important parts, set reminders for your edit, or create chapter markers to export to YouTube. You can add markers using the M keyboard shortcut, or by right-clicking on a clip in your timeline. Markers are attached to the clips on your timeline, so if you move them around, the markers will move with your clips. 

From the Timeline menu you can easily export your markers as chapter markers for YouTube or share a selection of your markers as text with others.

Export as Audio

You can now export your clips and timeline as audio-only. When you export as audio, we’ll save a WAV file to your Detail library that you can use to share on your favorite podcasting platform. 

Your Library

We already supported easy exports to Final Cut Pro XML, to easily edit your Detail recordings in Final Cut Pro, DaVinci, or Premiere as a multicam timeline. To make this even easier, we now also show the XML exports in your Detail library, together with your projects, snapshots, video, and audio exports. You can now also group all your files in the Library by type or date, to make it easier to stay organized.

That’s a wrap for 2022! Get the latest version of Detail for macOS on the App Store to try these and all the other features we shipped this year. 

We’re excited to see what you’re going to create with Detail and wish you happy holidays and the best for 2023!