Feb 6, 2023

In our this update we're bringing even more AI superpowers to Detail including automatic transcriptions and AI highlights in the Mac app.

What's new:

  • Transcriptions: Record or import a video to Detail and generate a super accurate transcript with one click. Use the transcript to navigate your timeline and edit your videos in no time.

  • Magic markers: Automatically create markers on your timeline for the key moments of your video, then export them all at once.

  • Introducing Detail Pro: Paid plans are now available via the Mac App Store. Go Pro to get 1080p and 4K Exports, Final Cut XML exports, and to export transcripts as VTT, SRT and text files.

  • Record screen audio: You can now choose to capture system audio from your screen recordings.

What's improved:

  • You can now add a duration to any markers in the timeline.

  • Markers with duration can be exported as separate clips.

  • If your audio and video are out of time, you can now adjust the audio offset to sync them up.

  • We've improved the toolbar with a new button design and layout.

What's changed:

  • We've made some improvements to the timeline.

  • Detail handles disconnected cameras better.

  • We've improved audio waveforms to make them more useful.

  • Zooming in and out is now relative to the playhead.

  • We've improved connectivity from iOS to macOS.

  • Plus some other performance and UX improvements to make your experience even better.

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