Feb 23, 2023

We're following up our huge 4.0 release with totally revamped combo scenes and some helpful improvements.

What's new:

Responsive Combo Scenes: We've totally revamped the way Combo Scenes work so now when you switch between horizontal and vertical mode, the Combo Scene layout changes automatically. You can now also add a background and inset to any combo Scene.

What's improved:

  • You can now copy individual blocks in your transcript

  • Automatically generated transcripts are even more accurate

  • You can now create a new project with multiple existing videos via the New Project window.

  • Now, when you add a text layer you'll be able to edit it immediately without having to click on it.

  • We've made some improvements to waveforms.

  • We've made some improvements to markers.

  • You no longer have to regenerate your transcript when you reopen a project.

  • When you export SRT, VTT and TXT files they now appear in the Detail Library.

  • Hovering over the transcript now skims through your video in the scene drawer.

  • We fixed an issue that meant you needed to reboot your Mac to use Detail as a virtual camera in other apps after updating.

  • We fixed a bug that led to poor rendering of emoji in text layers.

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