Apr 3, 2023

✨ What's new:

  • You can now change the background color and inset of any scene.

  • We've added the ability to choose your transcript language to get more accurate results.

🛠️ What's improved:

  • We've totally revamped timeline previews to improve performance and reliability.

  • We've made some changes that should mean the Playhead position doesn't change unexpectedly.

  • We've made some improvements around replaying recorded clips.

  • We've made AI-generated markers better.

  • We've improved how audio waveforms are displayed.

  • We've improved support for imported video.

  • We've added better support for imported projects from Detail Duo.

  • We've improved handling of document saving.

  • We've improved audio channel selection.

  • We've made some updates to make responsive combo scene layouts better.

  • We've made some improvements that mean Detail now captures video at whatever frame rate you input, without throttling.

  • Various other UI and UX improvements.