Nov 11, 2023

We’ve added a new AI Content tab to generate content suggestions to share your video. If your video has a minute of speech, we’ll automatically generate a title, description, and captions for LinkedIN, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

Create unique videos with the new 1:4 split view layout and new blurred shape. Use the 1:4 split layout you can for example to combine a wide angle with a close-up shot for great podcast or interview clips, or apply the blur shape to any of the layouts for a distinct effect.

If you record in Multiplayer with two iPhones or iPads, we now automatically align audio and video from both devices after recording. Both microphones and cameras will always be 100% in sync, even if your network is slow or unstable. Record with the microphones of both iPhones or iPads, or connect external microphones to each device for a super portable podcast or interview setup. You can even use a second iPhone or iPad as a wireless external microphone.

We’ve also improved the timing of automatic captions, and made tons of smaller bug fixes and improvements.

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