Jun 4, 2024

Detail 4 has been redesigned to make video creation faster than ever before, streamlining your workflow and reducing time spent on editing.

Get started on your project with a preset and avoid starting from scratch. We've added popular presets for podcasters, reaction video creators, and course creators. Browse through options to visualize layouts, backgrounds, and captions in real-time, or after you've finished recording.

Now, you can enhance or replace your background, and apply filters to both videos in a particular layout. Harmonizing a guest's background with your own or applying the same filters to both cameras is now simpler than before.

We have updated the caption colors and backgrounds with the latest video and design trends in mind, giving you a variety of fresh, exciting colors to choose from. If there are specific colors you'd like to see, please let us know.

Elevate your audio track with just one tap, removing background noise, adjusting levels automatically, and cleaning up your audio without the need for any specialized audio editing software.

Speed up or slow down clips from your recordings with new speed settings.

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