Nov 29, 2022

Detail 3.5 includes a couple of huge new features as well as a ton of bug fixes and improvements.

What's new:

  • Highlights: Share the most important parts of your video with AI-generated clips.

  • Importing video: You can now add video to the timeline from outside Detail.

  • Multi-channel audio: Record multiple speakers or audio sources separately.

  • Reordering clips: Clips in the timeline can now be reordered to make editing easier.

  • Mac App Store: Detail is now available exclusively on the Mac App Store.

What's improved:

  • We made some improvements that mean the video preview in Detail should be looking more natural and less red.

  • We also improved copy-paste behavior for text overlays.

  • We made it easier to make precision edits when splitting clips.

  • Clip previews in the timeline should load faster.

  • We improved undo behavior when editing — you can do undo more actions.

  • We improved video timing to help prevent audio/video delays.

  • We improved performance when replaying video.

  • We fixed a bug that was making it hard for some users to select text overlays.

🔍 What's changed:

  • You can now zoom in further on the timeline when editing.

  • We added a new shortcut to create an empty project (CMD+SHIFT+N).

  • We've added three new Scene Packs and improved performance around Scene Packs.

Read the full announcement post.

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