Jan 17, 2023

Create a Detail project from any video in your Library, plus lots of UI and UX improvements to make your Detail experience better than ever.

What's new:

  • Create a Detail project from any video: We’ve made it even easier to quickly open and start working on existing videos in Detail — click on any video in your Detail Library and hit “Create Detail Project from Video”.

  • Record mode vs Edit mode: We made it easier to tell when you’re in record or edit mode and what actions you can take.

  • Cancel Library uploads: Here’s one for all the AI highlights fans. You can now cancel your in-progress uploads.

  • Name videos on export: When exporting a video, you can now name your file in the export settings options.

What's improved:

  • The timeline now scrolls horizontally when playing back your video.

  • We improved and standardized the canvas menu buttons, and added new tooltips to help you find your way around Detail.

  • We fixed a bug where the first marker you added wouldn’t appear.

  • We fixed a bug that meant the total video duration appeared incorrectly when you first opened a project.

  • We fixed a bug that allowed you to scrub an empty part of the timeline.

  • If a project crashes, Detail will show a warning before opening the project again.

  • We’ve improved behavior around deleted projects and Library folders.

  • We fixed a big where incorrect images showed on Scene Packs.

What's changed:

  • We updated the items in the context menu when you right click on a clip.

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