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10 tips for tackling creative block 🎨


Camellia Elerman


July 13, 2022

If you started 2022 thinking this was the year you were going to create more video content but, half way through, you feel like you’re hitting a brick wall, you’re not alone. Even with the best intentions, building up momentum around your content and your process can be tough.

We get it, it’s a lot of pressure — being a creator, an artist, or producer isn’t easy. It takes time, courage, and tenacity. Getting into that creative mindset can be hard but it’s not impossible. And knowing how to do it on demand is a game changer. Here are a few tips to get you there!

1. Get busy doing other things

Nothing stifles creativity quite like staring it in the face. Setting aside time to “get creative” is good practice but sometimes you’re just not in the zone. One solution for this is “productive procrastination” — try going for a walk, doing a few chores, or catching up on some admin. This can help to let your brain get creative in the background while you check a few things off your to-do list!

2. Try something new

Whether it’s bungee jumping or simply experimenting with a new video format, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can help your mind reset and those creative juices flowing. Taking on a new challenge or approaching your challenge from a different angle can help you learn and develop new ways to approach your creative block. And bonus points if you make some content about your new experience along the way! 😉

3. Review your old work

Some of your old work might make you cringe but you might find inspiration in the archives! Thinking of new ways to solve an old problem might help you get unstuck and get back into your flow.

4. Talk it out

Finding that creative spark doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor. When you can’t find a solution yourself, connect with creative folks who can help you talk it out. Sometimes, good ideas come from the most unexpected people and places. 

5. Do some research

Doom scrolling isn’t always the most productive past-time but it can sometimes be good to fall down the rabbit hole that is the internet. We have access to more content than ever before in history — you can do a virtual tour of the louvre or watch the future of video emerging in real-time on Tiktok. What better way to get inspired for your next project. A little bit of social media indulgence can be useful — as long as you consume responsibly!

6. Change your location

Whether you’re working from your bedroom or your studio, creating in the same place can get monotonous or lonely. Changing your location for the day (or longer) can give you a new perspective on your work and boost your creativity! Try a new coffee shop, a new co-working space, or another favorite location. If you’re able, try a new town, a new city or even a new country — who knows what inspiration you’ll find!

7. Organize your mind

A general assumption is that creativity is disorganized and chaotic. That inspiration strikes when we throw ourselves out of a routine. But organizing your thoughts can help you clear your mind and focus on the act of getting creative. Why not make a list and pop it in a Trello board or even on a notepad. That way, you will make your ideas visible and tangible and be inspired to make them happen.

8. Don’t let setting up get in the way

As exciting as the aha moment is, it takes effort to actually execute on your ideas and it is very easy to let creativity slip away. Maybe you have the perfect idea but don’t feel like you have the right gear to make it happen. We suggest you keep it simple. Our advice is not to over think your setup when you’re making a video. The best camera is the one you have with you, a cheap ring light is better than no lights at all and apps like Detail can make shooting high-quality, multi-camera video as simple as hitting a the record button. 

9. It’s ok to do nothing at all

It’s hard to create when we’re always ‘on’. Don’t be afraid to switch off and do absolutely nothing for a while. You will be surprised by how inspired you can be after a little break! 

10. Just show up

Just showing up really is half the battle! Get your ideas on paper, do a test shoot, or just experiment with your lighting. Anything to get you started — the rest will come!

If you’re struggling to get started with video production or you’re just looking for a simpler way to get your content from an idea to an audience, Detail lets you record, stream, and edit in one super powerful app. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram or drop into our Discord community and let us know what you’re making!

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