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Best Free iPhone App for Automatic Subtitles

September 1, 2023

Today we're diving into the world of automatic subtitles for your Reels, Shorts, and TikTok videos. Those ubiquitous captions you see everywhere? We've got you covered with answers to all your burning questions: How do I add them to my videos instantly? How do I make them animate? How do I make them look better? And how do I do all this, for free?

Hold tight; we're about to spill the details. First off, let's talk about the go-to app for this job.

Meet Detail Duo - Your Subtitling Sidekick

Unsurprisingly, we're thrilled to introduce you to Detail Duo – an all-in-one video editing iPhone app available on the App Store.

This app harnesses Apple technology and AI wizardry to effortlessly generate automatic subtitles for your videos. It's a breeze to use.

Adding Captions Made Easy

Here's the deal: record your video using the app (hint: there's a free teleprompter included to speed things up). When you're done, hit a single button – 'Add Captions.' Voilà! Your subtitles are in place.

For existing videos, no worries. Head to your library, tap 'Add Captions,' and select your video from the camera roll. Editing these subtitles is a cinch – just tap and make your tweaks.

Customize Your Subtitles

Now, suppose you want those subtitles to align with your brand's vibe. You can scroll through various style options to find the perfect font and style. Plus, you've got an entire palette at your disposal – any color under the sun, including your brand's unique hex code.

Here's a neat trick: match your subtitles to a frame's color. It's as simple as tapping a few buttons.

Animating Your Captions

Once you're satisfied with the look, you have two options: export as-is or give them a special touch by making them animate with just a tap. It's all about simplicity, speed, and best of all, it's free!

Ready to get started? Download Detail Duo to make your video content stand out effortlessly.