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Effortless podcast guest acquisition (your stress-free guide)


Tima Fofana


January 18, 2024

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for ways to invite some awesome guests to your podcast. Depending on your existing network, securing the ideal individuals to feature on your show is akin to carefully selecting participants for a game night – it involves strategic planning and a considerable dose of enthusiasm. In this article, we will explore the exciting journey of discovering podcast guests in its entirety.

Finding your podcast guest

Define your dream guest 

Imagine your podcast as a cozy hangout spot. Who would be the coolest guests to invite? Keep that niche in mind! Whether it's tech wizards, mental health gurus, or crafting ninjas, make sure your dream guests vibe and align with your podcast theme.

Shop online - no really.

Websites like are like the Amazon of guest hunting. Create a cool profile, list your podcast needs, and let the guests roll in. It's like building your dream team but without the sports gear.

Get on socials

Dive into the wild world of social media! Use niche and industry hashtags on platforms like X and Instagram. You'd be surprised how many awesome guests are hanging out in the virtual corner of the internet, waiting to be discovered.

LinkedIn is your go-to map for professional connections. Think of the search filters as your trusty guide, helping you zero in on the right folks by industry, location, and expertise. There are plenty of potential guests waiting in these professional waters!

Distance is not a limitation with Detail

Your guest search just hit a new level. Now, you can cast your net far and wide because Detail is the only app you’ll ever need to record remote podcasts. opens up the world of interviews beyond your local scene. Yep, you heard it right—remote interviews are now a breeze! No more fretting about proximity; Detail's got your back, connecting you with potential guests from anywhere on the map.

Outreach & invitation tips

Craft a killer pitch

Imagine your pitch as a friendly wave in the virtual realm. Keep it brief, pleasant, and too good to pass up. Share why your podcast is a standout spot in the digital town and why being a VIP guest would be an excellent fit.

Slide into DM’s

No one likes a generic message. Personalize your outreach – it's like sending a party invitation rather than a mass text. Show them you did your homework, and you're genuinely excited to have them join the podcast party.

Don’t forget to follow ups

Not every guest responds right away, and that's perfectly fine. No need to stress! Drop a friendly follow-up, something like a digital nod, expressing, "Hey, we're still keen to have you!" Timing matters, and a well-timed follow-up can turn a tentative response into an enthusiastic "heck yeah!"

Preparation is the name of the game!

Stalk - but in a non-creepy way

Before the podcast date, channel your inner detective. Stalk your guest's social media, recent projects, other podcast appearances, interviews and blog posts. It's not creepy; it's dedication! Your guests will appreciate the effort.

Prepare your questions and talking points

Imagine you're grabbing coffee with a friend at your favorite spot. When chatting with your guest, keep it natural and unscripted, just like a friendly conversation. Mix in a variety of questions – some deep, some light-hearted – to keep the dialogue flowing. Remember, the best content often comes when it feels like two friends catching up. Don't just stick to the questions; follow up on their answers to uncover those golden nuggets that make your conversation truly shine.

Invite guest input for a co-creation collaboration

Encourage your guest to actively contribute! Think of it as giving them the opportunity to curate the playlist for our podcast party. Emphasize the importance of sharing the topics they're passionate about, fostering a collaborative atmosphere that not only makes for a more engaging episode but also ensures their valuable insights take center stage in our conversation.

Ready to discover your ideal podcast guest and capture high-quality interviews? Download Detail and elevate your podcasting experience today! 

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