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Instant captions app for videos (for free)

August 11, 2023

Are you looking to instantly add, animate, and customize captions to your videos (for free) and with just your iPhone? In our Detail Duo app we offer two simple methods to add automatic captions to your vertical videos, let's dive in.

The Power of Captions

If you're a social media expert, coach, influencer, or a content creator who frequently produces talking head videos, you're well aware of the importance of captions for your Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok content. In today's digital landscape, most viewers watch videos with the sound off, making captions a crucial element to grab attention and convey your message effectively.

Adding Captions to Existing Videos

Here's how to add captions to a video you already recorded:

  1. Open the Detail Duo app

  2. Head to the "Projects" section.

  3. Tap the "Add Captions" shortcut.

  4. Select the video from your camera roll where you wish to add video captions.

  5. That's it. Detail Duo will instantly add video captions to any video.

Captions While Recording

Another easy way to add captions to your video is to use Detail Duo to record your video. When you've finished recording you can add captions instantly. Here's how:

  1. Use the Detail Duo app to record your video.

  2. After recording, simply tap the "Captions" button.

  3. Witness the magic as the app instantly generates captions into your video 🪄.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Not only does Detail Duo streamline the caption process, but it also empowers you to customize the appearance of your captions:

  • Drag and Drop: Move captions anywhere within your video, ensuring they don't obstruct essential content.

  • Styling Options: Choose from a range of preset styles that resonate with your branding. Further customize by selecting your desired color from a diverse palette.

  • Dynamic Animation: Capture attention by enabling caption animations, reinforcing your message with subtle movement.

Download the Detail Duo app today and unlock the potential of your vertical videos with compelling captions. Whether you're adding captions to previously recorded videos or integrating them while recording. Say goodbye to mundane captions and hello to visually stunning, engaging content that captures your audience's attention.