Lights, camera, action 🎬


Paul Veugen


July 12, 2021

Today, we’re launching Detail for macOS in beta. Detail is a virtual camera that you can use in Zoom, Loom, Meet, Whereby, or your favorite streaming software. With Detail, we’re turning your Mac into a live production studio.

Install our macOS app to use an iPhone as your camera, switch easily between cameras, pick your favorite filters and record high quality video while streaming live.

Our goal is to enable everyone to create professional video without investing a ton in new equipment or spend countless hours to master video editing. We want to improve the production quality of your video while reducing the time taken to produce it.

We’re starting with a simple question: Can we make your live video look and feel like a polished Youtube video, an Apple keynote, or the best live show on television?

Amazingly talented creators are setting the bar with high quality video productions and publish professional-looking video at a faster pace than ever before. However, we’re still spending countless hours staring at low-quality webcam video in live events and meetings. Software and hardware to produce live video is complicated and uninspiring. We think creators and their audience deserve better tools to capture their story.

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Growing our team

We raised a $5M seed round from Point Nine, Adjacent, TQ Ventures,, Joe Thomas, Vinay Hiremath, Shahed Khan, Nathan Benaich, David Rosenberg, and existing investors to build the future of live video. We’re beyond excited to be supported by such a stellar group of people to help us accelerate and build towards our vision of engaging, magical live video for creators.

We’re looking for talented folks to help us build and grow. We have open positions for product designers, iOS & macOS developers, front-end developer, and community & marketing.