Record, remix, and share inspiring video in minutes, using the superpowers of your Mac


Paul Veugen


October 12, 2022

It starts with your story.

We’re thrilled to release another massive update to Detail Studio today. Continuing our mission to make it easier for everyone to record, remix, and share beautiful video on any platform.

We’re introducing a new magic canvas to remix your video and seamlessly switch between vertical and horizontal video, 4K support, new scene packs, and AI-powered exports to create everything you need to promote a video with a single click. Shoot once, share everywhere.

Record your next tutorial, demo, or podcast with Detail — try it for free!

Video production for everyone.

Video production is a workflow challenge. Creating captivating video is time-consuming and difficult. If you’re already creating video today, you know the pain of juggling multiple tools to record, edit, share and promote your content.

And if you’re just getting started, the learning curve is frustratingly steep. That’s why we’re building an all-in-one tool for real-time video production that inspires and is easy-to-use, and gives the next 500 million creators new superpowers to produce video for any platform.

We want to unlock tools and skills that were previously reserved for professionals, and make them accessible and fun to use. 

Detail Studio turns your Mac into a powerful video production studio. Whether you’re creating an engaging online course, want to immerse your audience in your video podcast, or record a polished product demo, you can use Detail to record, edit, remix, and share your content more easily.

Record once, share everywhere.

Our latest release is a big leap forward to help you produce video for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and any other platform with less effort.

We rebuilt our video rendering engine from the ground up, to enable you to record multiple cameras and screens in pixel-perfect quality, enhance your video in real-time with auto-framing, filters and overlays, remix your content for vertical and horizontal platforms, and combine multiple video sources on a single magic canvas to easily create dynamic content that keeps your viewers engaged.

And after you export your video, we use our AI and cloud rendering to automatically generate everything you need to promote your video within a few minutes – from social media clips, titles, and messages, to subtitles, and thumbnails.

Podcasts that look as good as they sound.

Every podcast with ambition should invest in video. Whether you want to capture interesting highlights to promote your content across channels, or produce immersive episodes that are as interesting to watch as to listen – you’ll need video.

With Detail Studio, upgrading to a video podcast is as simple as connecting an iPhone or camera and hitting record. With easy multi-cam recording and editing you can capture every guest and create captivating video episodes that are as fun to watch as they are to listen to.

With scenes and our magic canvas, you switch between vertical and horizontal video with one click, and remix your video to create interesting side-by-side or close up shots. You can create a whole episode, and share video highlights in minutes instead of hours.

Record and edit a course or tutorial video with ease.

It starts with your story. Creating an inspiring tutorial video or online course can take endless hours. To get high-quality video ready to share across platforms requires you to juggle a range of software and tools. With Detail you can record, edit, and share your online course in one single app.

Record your camera and screen, move seamlessly between recording and editing, and export high-quality video for any platform. Mix in a second or even third camera angle for a demo or top-down view. You can edit and export your recordings right in Detail Studio, or export your recordings to Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or other video editors with a single click.

Get started.

Detail helps you shoot, edit, remix, and share your video in one simple flow, so you can just focus on your story. We help you capture great quality video in real time, give you the tools you need to edit and remix your video with ease, and share your story across platforms in one go. 

We reduce the time to produce captivating video.

Want to give Detail a try and record your first video in minutes? Download Detail Studio and get started with one of our free Scene Packs.

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