Course creator recording video in front of mobile
Course creator recording video in front of mobile
Course creator recording video in front of mobile

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The best platforms for uploading online courses in 2024 and how to easily record them with Detail


Tima Fofana


May 5, 2024

With e-learning users expected to reach 57 million by 2027, there's a significant emphasis on creating high-quality educational content. Training videos are crucial in this effort because they provide lively and engaging experiences that not only capture attention but also enhance memory retention. These videos make learning more interactive and help students grasp and remember the lessons more effectively. This article will introduce you to six of the best platforms to host your courses in 2024 and we'll explain how the Detail iOS app can help you produce excellent educational videos.

Top platforms for uploading online courses

  1. Udemy

    • Overview: A leading global marketplace that offers a vast array of courses in various languages and subjects.

    • Why choose Udemy: Its massive user base provides unparalleled exposure for your courses, though the competitive environment might require unique course topics or compelling content to truly stand out.

  2. Coursera

    • Overview: Known for partnerships with prestigious universities and corporations, Coursera offers courses that often include certification.

    • Why choose Coursera: Ideal for educators looking to offer more formalized education paths, as it offers accredited courses that are highly valued by employers.

  3. Skillshare

    • Overview: Focused primarily on creative courses, Skillshare emphasizes project-based learning and community interaction.

    • Why choose Skillshare: Best for those teaching design, photography, writing, and other creative disciplines, offering a community-driven learning environment.

  4. Teachable

    • Overview: Allows instructors to create custom learning experiences under their brand, with extensive marketing and data tools.

    • Why choose Teachable: It offers great flexibility in branding and direct communication with students, making it suitable for building a personal teaching brand.

  5. Kajabi

    • Overview: This all-in-one platform integrates course creation, marketing, and sales tools, ideal for serious course creators focused on building a business.

    • Why choose Kajabi: If you’re looking to not only teach but also market and sell your courses and related products, Kajabi provides robust tools to do it all.

  6. Thinkific

    • Overview: Known for its powerful customization tools, Thinkific allows creators to tailor their courses and the student’s learning experience extensively.

    • Why choose Thinkific: It offers one of the best platforms for those who want detailed control over the course’s look, feel, and functionality.

Why use Detail iOS to record your online course videos?

Detail is a great option for educators aiming to produce high-quality course videos without some of the limitations usually experienced when using software like Loom and Canva for course videos. And all you need is your iPhone!

Here are a couple more reasons why you should use Detail to record your course content:

  • Streamlined workflow: Detail simplifies the recording process, eliminating the need for complex setups or expensive equipment, making high-quality video production accessible.

  • Confidence in presentation: With its built-in teleprompter, educators can deliver content smoothly and professionally, enhancing viewer engagement.

  • Dynamic visuals: The app offers multiple layout options and integrates slides, enabling educators to create visually appealing and effective videos.

  • Efficient editing: Text-based editing tools allow for easy modifications, ensuring high-quality, polished content.

  • Effective promotion: AI-generated clips help in creating compelling promotional materials, making course marketing more effective and less time-consuming.

Using Detail to record your online course content

How to use Detail to record your course videos

  1. Download: Start by downloading Detail from the App Store and installing it on your iOS device.

  2. Setup your recording environment: Choose a quiet, well-lit space to ensure high-quality audio and visual output.

  3. Configure Detail: Open the app, navigate to the recording interface, and set up your desired layout.

  4. Scripting: Write your script and load it into the teleprompter for a streamlined presentation.

  5. Positioning and framing: Adjust your position within the frame to optimize visual engagement. Don't worry if you're a little bit out of shot, we have an Auto-framing feature that fixes that in a tap.

  6. Recording: Start recording your content, following the teleprompter to maintain a consistent and professional delivery.

  7. Editing: Review and edit your recordings within the app, making necessary adjustments to enhance clarity and impact. To speed up the process, use our text-based editor.

  8. Exporting and sharing: Once satisfied with the final product, export your video and upload it to your chosen platform. Use Detail’s AI Share kit to automatically generate highlight clips to market your course on social media.

As the demand for online education continues to grow, choosing the right platform and tools is crucial for success. By selecting a platform that aligns with your educational goals and using Detail iOS for recording, you can create impactful, engaging, and professional courses that resonate with learners globally. Download Detail for free today.

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