The third act


Paul Veugen


March 8, 2021

When our lives shifted online last year, we found ourselves watching yoga instructors, fitness classes, teachers, chefs, mixologists, coaches, musicians, and executives trying to share their story and inspire others on video. The challenge to produce quality video became painfully obvious.

Producing professional live video is hard. Seeing my friend investing too much time and money into improving the quality of her virtual yoga classes made me realize that she and hundreds of thousands of other amazingly talented individuals deserve better tools to share their story. They deserve to look and sound amazing in their next video class. This is why we started Detail.

Detail makes it easier for creators to broadcast high-quality live video on Zoom, Meet, Twitch, Hopin, or YouTube Live, and turn live video into quality content to (re)use across other platforms.

More than 50 million creators are making money with their online content (SignalFire market map). The introduction of more performers, instructors, coaches, and teachers to online content creation accelerated the creator economy even more.

Superpowers for live video

We want to give creators new superpowers to produce better live video. We start by building a better camera for your next class, workshop, livestream, or presentation. Our camera app for iOS and macOS will enable you to broadcast great looking video on Zoom, Hopin, Youtube, Around, or Twitch, and produce recorded video to use across platforms, without the effort.

Video infrastructure is a commodity

The infrastructure to host live video is commoditized. From live streaming to video calls, platforms for live video are widely available and getting quite better. Between Zoom, Meet, Twitch, YouTube Live, and developer tools like Twilio, Agora, and Chime, we have the foundational pieces in place for reliable video delivery. Platforms to grow your own community and monetize your own content are on the rise.

But when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. The meteoric rise of Zoom has shown how creators shoehorned their live video sessions into corporate meeting software. And while Zoom, Meet, and other platforms do an amazing job in reducing the friction of hosting video calls, we think live video could be so much more engaging than it is today.

Democratizing professional live video

Just like recorded video moved from professional studios with massive crews to the living room of talented individual creators, we’re seeing the same shift for live video. Live streamers on Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook are the tech-savvy front runners. We’re excited to reduce the barriers to produce quality live video and empower millions of others to do the same.

We want to equip every creator with the tools to produce engaging, high-quality live video, without investing a ton in equipment, skills, and complicated software.

With Detail, we want to put a production crew into your hands. We dream about producing live video with the same quality as an Apple Keynote or your favorite top-notch YouTuber, available to everyone with a great story to share. We believe the best place to start is by taking over your camera

Move post-production to live video

One of the best cameras to build with today is the iPhone — and in the future other Android flagship devices. We believe that a software camera can outperform dedicated camera hardware, even more for live video. For most creators, the limiting factor in production quality is not in expensive glass or the size of the sensor in their camera.

We’re integrating your camera into an end-to-end video pipeline, to be able to capture excellent quality video and leverage the sensors, multiple lenses, and the processing power of your devices to bring video to life. We’re moving tools that currently live in post-production or only exist in advanced editors like Final Cut Pro and Premiere into our live video pipeline, to make it easier for more creators to produce quality content.

Empower multi-SKU video creators

A growing group of content creators with an existing audience are looking for ways to strengthen their relations with fans and monetize their fandom. They leverage their reach and existing audience to build a direct relationship with their fans, instead of receiving a few cents for thousands of eyeballs and trying to survive platform algorithms.

Just like music artists diversify their income with their music on streaming services, live concerts in the largest venues, and intimate unplugged sessions in a nightclub, we’re seeing creators increasingly diversifying their streams of income and taking control over their own community. We’re building better video tools to support these multi-SKU creators.

New and familiar faces

Eight years after we started Human, one of the first all-day activity trackers on the App Store, we’re embarking on a new adventure. I’m thrilled to team up with my former Human colleagues Laurier (CTO) and Fredrik (Mobile), and a super talented new crew to build world-class product again. Check out our jobs page if you’re interested in joining us.

We’re thankful to be backed by a group of early investors that understand what it takes to build a great product, team, and grow a business. We raised $2M in a pre-seed round led by Connect Ventures and joined by an amazing group of investors including Hustle Fund, Alexander Ljung, Anke Huiskes, Arthur Kosten, Elodie & Tony Jamous, Hiten Shah, Janis Krums, Mart Kelder, Micha Hernandez van Leuffen, Othman Laraki, Omri Amir, and Sten Tamkivi. Pietro Bezza from Connect Ventures will join our board.

Creators, skip the line!

In the next couple of weeks we’re going to send out the first invites for our early beta program, introducing a better camera for your next video call or stream. We’re excited to team up with inspiring creators to help them host better live video.

Contact us if you’re interested in working together and get early access to our product. Drop us a note at

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