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The Ultimate (Easy) Vertical Video Studio Setup

September 7, 2023

Are you a content creator looking to produce stellar vertical videos for Instagram Reels, TikTok Videos or YouTube Shorts without a big fancy studio? We've got you covered. In this guide, we'll show you an excellent and budget-friendly setup that can transform any small space into a professional video studio. The best part? All you need is your trusty iPhone and the Detail Duo app. Let's dive right in.

Ingredients for Your Setup

  1. Your iPhone Camera: The star of the show is your iPhone's camera. Newer iPhone models boast stellar camera quality, making them perfect for shooting videos.

  2. Stable Mounting: For a steady shot, consider using a simple phone mount that attaches to the back of your iPhone. However, if you prefer handholding, go for it—whatever keeps your creative juices flowing.

  3. Lighting: Natural lighting is your best friend. Position yourself near a window, or if your location lacks good natural light, invest in some softbox lights. Angle them slightly to achieve that perfect glow.

  4. Audio: Good audio is crucial. You can opt for a Rode microphone for top-notch sound quality, but even Apple's earphones with a built-in mic will do the job if you're on a budget.

  5. Background: To spruce up your set, add some personality with a few items in the background. Plants, bookshelves, or a couple of stylish furnishings can make your videos look awesome.

Using the Detail Duo

Now that your setup is ready, it's time to use the Detail Duo app to make your video creation process even more excellent. The best part? This app is free.

  1. Create a New Project: Open the Detail Duo app and click on the plus button to start a new project.

  2. Cinematic look: Swipe down to open the control center of your iPhone. Enable portrait mode to level up your look on-camera look and blur your background.

  3. Background Magic: If you're not happy with your background, don't worry. You can use the built-in green screen feature to replace it with something more fitting for your content.

  4. Script Assistance: To stay on track, use the teleprompter feature to read your script while recording. Just copy and paste your script and hit record.

That's it! With the Detail Duo and your simple setup, you have everything you need to create excellent video content without breaking the bank. Ready to get started, download Detail Duo from the App Store for free.