Dual camera podcast recording with Detail Duo
Dual camera podcast recording with Detail Duo
Dual camera podcast recording with Detail Duo

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Microphones to record your video podcast with your iPhone

August 8, 2023

Are you excited to record your very first video podcast? We’ll share how you can record the first episode with good video and audio quality on your iPhone today, using Detail Duo and without spending a lot on expensive equipment.

Audio quality is super important for a podcast. Good audio quality will make it much easier to listen to your conversation. But, that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on microphones and audio interfaces to record your first episode. The most important thing is the story you have to share. So for your first trial, just sit down, prepare a few topics or questions, and record with what you have.

If you’re ready to upgrade your podcast audio, there are great options available in any budget. Keep watching and listening for 3 options to record your first video podcast with your iPhone, using Detail Duo.

Start for free.

Your iPhone has a good built-in microphone with very decent noise cancellation. If you record with our free app Detail Duo, you’ll get stereo audio and it automatically filters out background noise. You can even record yourself and your guest with just a single iPhone.

Audio quality won’t be as good as a professional podcast studio, but it will be a great setup to get comfortable with recording and record your first pilot episode – without spending a single dollar.

Wireless Lightning microphones.

For 30 to 60 dollars you can upgrade your audio with two wireless microphones and record two people at the same time. An example of a set like this is the Boya BY-V2. This is a 60 dollar set, that has two wireless microphones, noise cancellation, and plugs into the Lightning port of your iPhone. This is a podcast studio that fits in your pocket.

USB microphone

You can connect a USB microphone to your iPhone with an Apple Lightning to USB3 camera adapter, which costs 39 dollar. Table microphone like the Blue Yeti cost around 100 dollar, and there are plenty of affordable alternatives. To record two guests with a single microphone, look for a microphone that has a “omnidirectional” pattern. This means the microphone can record the front and back. The Blue Yeti is a great example that supports different audio patterns.

Rode Wireless Go II or DJI Mic

If you’re ready to splurge on good quality audio and a very flexible setup, that still fits in your pocket, the Rode Wireless Go II or the DJI Mic are great wireless sets that record really good quality audio. You connect a little receiver to your iPhone and have 2 wireless microphones. These sets cost around 300 dollar. To connect the Wireless Go II to your iPhone, you need a special Røde USB to Lightning cable, the SC-21 or the SC-19, that cost around 20 dollar. Alternatively, you can use a standard USB-c to USB-a cable and the Apple Lightning to USB3 camera adapter.

More expensive sets like this also work very well with your Mac, and come with an iPhone app to adjust the audio settings.

Just get started

Don’t let any equipment get in the way of recording your first episode. With just your iPhone you can record your first video podcast, with audio and video of both you and your guest. Install Detail Duo from the App Store, select the split-view layout, put your phone in the middle of the table and hit record. You will record stereo audio and video for you and your guest. After you’re done recording, you can instantly edit your recording, use different layouts and styles, and add captions.

And even if you don’t like your full episode, you can easily export short clips with your favorite moments to use on your social channels.

Need help to get started? Send us a message!