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Stay ahead of the curve - embrace video podcasting (2024)


Tima Fofana


December 7, 2023

You’re probably reading this because you’re thinking of starting a podcast for your business or brand in 2024. Good thinking! Now, if you’re really looking to reach new markets and audiences with your online presence, the best way to move forward is with a video podcast. They offer an effective way to connect with potential customers while allowing you to tell your story in a unique and engaging way.  But suppose you’re still a bit hesitant about diving into podcasting. In that case, we’ve compiled nine reasons why this form of media could be especially beneficial for your business and a guide to how you can get started with minimal equipment backed with the seamless power of Detail!

Brand visibility

Creating a video podcast enhances brand visibility by offering a dynamic and engaging platform to showcase products or services. This helps your company stand out in a crowded market, reaching more potential customers and building brand recognition.

Connect with your audience

As a business owner or content creator, it's important to establish a connection with your audience in order to better understand their needs and preferences. If you already have an audio-only podcast, taking the leap into adding video is a game-changer. As we’ve previously mentioned, humans are hardwired to gravitate towards the faces of other people and a video podcast will help humanize your brand.

Showcase expertise

Establish yourself as an industry authority by consistently creating valuable video content that demonstrates your knowledge. The sky’s the limit with a video podcast. From interviewing interesting guests and sharing fun stories to sharing tips and guidance, you can truly position yourself as a subject matter expert on topics relevant to your target customer.  

Expanding content strategy

Video podcasts offer a versatile format to expand your content strategy, keeping it fresh and relevant. Embracing new technology, reaching different demographics, and staying attuned to emerging trends ensures your brand remains adaptable and engaging in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Increase engagement

Regularly posting high-quality video content that resonates with your audience can increase website and social media traffic. The videos of your podcast are also an opportunity to Interact with followers by responding to comments and answering questions you receive via social media or email. Video accounts for 82.5% of all web traffic in 2023 - Zight.com. In other words, give the people what they want! 

Enhanced SEO impact

To add to the point above regarding web traffic, video content significantly impacts search engine optimization (SEO). Platforms like Google prioritize video results, and incorporating video podcasts into your content strategy can boost your website's visibility. By optimizing your video podcast titles, descriptions, and transcripts, you can improve your search rankings, making it easier for potential customers to discover your brand organically.

Low-cost marketing

Utilizing video podcasts as part of your marketing strategy proves cost-effective compared to traditional methods. Video is the most powerful tool for reaching a targeted audience without breaking the bank. With the Detail iOS app, all you need to get started with your podcast is most likely already in your possession: your iPhone!

Stand out from your competition

A video podcast serves as a unique differentiator in a saturated market. Whether showcasing exceptional customer service, innovative technology, or unparalleled expertise, finding and highlighting your distinct qualities sets your brand apart and attracts attention. After all, 78% of consumers claim that seeing a video influenced them to buy or download a piece of software or program. - Demandsage.com

Tip: Stand out from other video podcasts by switching up the setting and shooting a podcast on the go!

Reach a wider audience

In a globalized world, video podcasts enable your company to reach a broader audience and tap into new markets. Embracing this global perspective, whether through expansion into new countries or appealing to diverse audiences, positions your brand for long-term success in a connected world.

Use Detail

As we mentioned above, all you need to get started with your video podcast is the Detail iOS app if you’re just using an iPhone or two. With the power of our multi-player feature, you’ll capture all the angles you need for a professional video podcast look. 

Why complicate things? Businesses should use the Detail app for their video podcasts because it offers seamless syncing on multiple devices, allowing for high-quality simultaneous recording. The app simplifies the editing process, providing versatile layout options, easy trimming, caption addition, and more!

Tip: If you already have some other cameras laying around, you can get auto-edited video podcasts with two or more cameras in seconds using Detail Studio, our macOS app. 

Tips for creating high-quality video podcasts

  • Focus on valuable information: The content of your video podcast should be helpful and relevant to your audience. This further helps build engagement and loyalty.

  • Engage your audience through storytelling: Stories connect with audiences on an emotional level.

  • Show personality while staying professional: Infuse your personality into your podcast to make it more relatable. 

  • Experiment with different Styles: Try different formats, styles, and techniques to keep your viewers engaged and interested.

  • You probably know this by now - Use Detail for hassle-free video podcast production (available on iOS and Detail Studio)

Have fun

Finally—and perhaps most importantly—video podcasting is fun! It allows you to express yourself creatively while providing valuable information at the same time, making it an enjoyable experience for both yourself and your audience! Plus, if done right—it could even become something that people look forward to watching each week. Download Detail for free today!

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