Background removal and live streaming: what’s new in Detail


Daniel Duke


January 27, 2022

We’ve hit the ground running at Detail in 2022 and we’re back with our first release of the year. In case you missed it, we dropped Detail 2 in December introducing Auto Framing, multi-camera support, and more.

In the latest update, we’re bringing you two powerful new features to help you record and stream high quality content in 2022 — let’s get into it.

Add a new dimension to your video content

Detail already included image and text overlays — letting you add titles, watermarks, logos, and images to your streams and recordings. Now we’re adding a whole new dimension to overlays, giving you the option to position them in the foreground or background of your Scene — so you can place text and images behind or in front of you in your video.

Placing text and images behind you makes them really feel like part of your shot and adds depth and dynamics to otherwise static titles. And fine-grained opacity controls mean you can use image overlays to add subtle background grades and colors to your content.

Want to try it out? Just add text or an image and then click on the “Position” icon on the left-side of the screen to toggle its position. Heads up though — this feature is only supported on M1 Macs running Monterey for now.

Stream directly from Detail to your favorite platform

Note: As of April 2023, we don't have direct RTMP streaming in the app anymore, but you can select the Detail Camera extension as your camera in any streaming platform and stream and record high quality video.

Right now, you can use Detail as a virtual webcam to stream high-quality, cinematic content on any streaming service. To make it even easier to use Detail for live streaming we’ve added RTMP support in the latest update.

RTMP (or real-time messaging protocol) is a powerful live streaming protocol that offers secure, low-latency audio and video streaming. It’s an industry standard and is supported by most streaming platforms like Twitch, Youtube, and Vimeo Live.

Simply hit “Stream” in the toolbar, add the stream key for the service you’re using (Youtube, Twitch, etc) and you’re ready to go live. With RTMP support you can now stream cinematic content directly to your favorite service and switch between cameras, angles, and Scenes without ever leaving Detail.

You can see your streaming status and how long you’ve been live for in the top corner of the frame so you won’t miss a beat.

Get more control with global keyboard shortcuts

Detail’s keyboard shortcuts are a powerful way to switch Scenes on the fly. In the latest update we’re introducing global keyboard shortcuts so you can switch Scenes when Detail is in the background. This gives you total control over your video even when you’re reading scripts, making notes or doing something else in another window.

There’s more…

As with every release, this update also includes some smaller features and bug fixes. Here’s a quick rundown:

• We’ve had such a great response to our Auto Framing feature that we’re switching it on by default. You can still change your Auto Framing settings to suit your content or turn it off (but why not add a little magic to your videos)? ✨
• We’ve improved performance when Detail is running in the background on macOS.
• We’ve added a brand new filter — Dallas. Shout out to Discord community member Ryan!
• And finally, your Mac no longer makes a “boop” sound when you use keyboard shortcuts to switch Scenes.

If you like the sound of all that, then make sure you download the latest update and take it for a spin.

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