Detail 3.3: More performance improvements and a better browser experience


Daniel Duke


July 25, 2022

Detail 3.3 dropped today and it’s another quality of life update. Since our last release we’ve spent more time improving rendering and performance as well as polishing the UI.

There were a ton of improvements under the hood including fixing some crashes related to our new camera extension. 

We’ve made some changes to how the timeline works that should make recording and editing in Detail feel more seamless. For example — now, if you delete a clip, the playhead will move to the start of the next clip rather than jumping to the end of your timeline. We also fixed some bugs around clip selection and improved behavior when using keyboard shortcuts.

As well as these updates to the Mac app, we’ve also been working on our browser experience. If you upload your videos to Detail.co via the Library, it will automatically generate (pretty) accurate closed captions and a beautifully formatted video transcription that you can download as text or a VTT or SRT file. 

This is great if you want to upload subtitles to Youtube, provide notes alongside your video, or repackage your content as a blog post. Read more about video transcriptions in Detail.

We’ve also added some other helpful features to Detail on the web, including playback speed options so you can review videos at 0.5x, 1.5x and 2x speed.

As ever, if you experience any issues or have suggestions on how to improve Detail, let us know on Discord and Twitter, or reach out to us at support@detail.co.