Less work, more content with AI transcriptions and highlight markers in Detail 4


Daniel Duke


February 7, 2023

In our last update, we told you to keep your eyes peeled for some exciting new features coming soon. We don’t like to disappoint so, today, we’re dropping Detail Studio 4, using AI to supercharge your video production workflow, from recording to editing to sharing. 

Bringing automatic transcriptions to Detail Studio

A while ago we introduced AI highlights and content suggestions for videos you uploaded to the cloud. But that meant you could only create a transcript at the end of the editing process — when you’d already exported your video. 

Now, we’re bringing transcriptions into Detail Studio so you can record or import a video and generate a super accurate transcript before you start editing and with a single click. 

Detail Studio even detects your language and transcribes non-english videos accurately. Note: if you start recording in one language and switch to another, Detail Studio will automatically transcribe all text in the first language.

Clicking on any text in the transcript will move the playhead to the corresponding moment on your timeline so you can really speed up the editing process. Want to make a cut or switch angles right after a specific word? Just click on the sentence where you want to make the edit and hit “X” to cut or ALT+1-9 to swap the scene.

If you’re a Detail Studio Pro subscriber (read on to find out more) you can also download your transcriptions as SRT, VTT and text files for uploading to Youtube, Twitter, Spotify or LinkedIn.

We’re just getting started too — with transcriptions in Detail Studio, we’ll soon be able to unlock new features and workflows that replace traditional video production with an assisted editing experience that helps you get more out of every video without doing as much busy-work.

Making markers more useful

Add duration to markers

At the end of last year we introduced markers in the timeline so you could make notes, mark key moments in your video, or share feedback in your Detail Studio projects. In Detail Studio 4 we’ve added duration to markers so you can highlight a whole clip or section of your timeline.

This is great if there’s a specific clip or section you want to label or if you want to do some non-destructive editing and exporting. You can add markers under the parts of your timeline you want to use and then export one or all of them as standalone clips.

Highlight markers

If you don’t want to do all that work yourself, we’ve also got you covered. You can use your video transcript to automatically generate duration-based markers under key moments in your video.

Then just adjust the markers to change the duration or location of the highlight videos and, once you’re happy, export them as clips for social media.

There’s some other cool stuff you can do with markers too like export them as Youtube Chapter Markers to skip some manual work when uploading your videos.

Introducing Detail Studio Pro

Alongside all these fantastic new features, we’re also launching our first paid plans on the Mac App Store. 

Go Pro to unlock: 

  • 1080p and 4K Exports.

  • FCPXML exports to easily port multi-cam projects to DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro.

  • Exporting transcripts as VTT, SRT and text files.

The monthly plan is $8.99 with a discounted yearly plan available for $59.99 and both are available right now. Just open Detail Studio and you’ll be prompted to upgrade to Pro.

Even more updates and improvements

That sounds like a lot of new features right? But we’re not done yet. Detail Studio 4 includes some other updates that should make your experience even better. 

All things audio

We’ve had a lot of requests from folks who create tutorial videos and presentations about capturing system audio while recording your screen. In the latest update, when you add a window or screen, the audio from your Mac is always recorded and you can choose to have it play back or not, when editing your video. 

If you record an application window, only audio from that app will be captured. If you record your whole screen, your system audio is recorded.

We’ve also added a new audio syncing option that lets you offset your recorded audio backwards or forwards until it syncs up with the video in your timeline. If you record with a separate, external camera and microphone this will really come in handy!

Improving the Detail experience

In the last update, we spent some time improving performance and UX and this release is no different. Here’s a couple of things we’ve changed to make your experience even better.

  • New toolbar with improved button design and layout.

  • Improved audio waveforms to make them more useful.

  • Zooming in and out on the timeline is now relative to the playhead.

  • Improved connectivity from iOS to macOS.

  • And Detail Studio handles disconnected cameras better.

Time to go Pro

If you want to try all these new features, just download or update Detail Studio and check them out. As always let us know what you think on Discord and Twitter. Your feedback and suggestions help us to keep making Detail a better tool for creators like you! 

If you need some help getting started, check out part one of our Detail 101 series on Youtube. 

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