Introducing responsive video layouts with new and improved combo scenes


Daniel Duke


February 28, 2023

Hot on the heels of our massive Detail 4 release, we’re bringing you another exciting update. The latest version of Detail Studio is filled with tons of improvements that we’ll get into later but, first, let’s talk about combo scenes.

Making combo scenes better

Detail 3.4 introduced combo scenes letting you combine cameras and screens into dynamic horizontal and vertical layouts and turning Detail into a true multi-camera recorder. 

But, these combo scenes had some limitations. If you wanted to export vertical and horizontal versions of the same video, you had to set up a combo scene for each format. 

In today’s update we’re introducing new, responsive combo scenes — making combo scenes more powerful and easier to use at the same time. 

Now, when you toggle between horizontal and vertical mode your combo scenes will automatically adjust to fit the portrait or landscape canvas.

We’ve also added more granular control over how your combo scenes look with a slider to change the inset or padding around your video sources. Just choose your background color and adjust the inset until you find something you like.

Every scene is still recorded separately so you can create stunning split screen or picture in picture content AND capture the isolated cameras and screens — meaning you still have the flexibility you expect when it comes to remixing your video in the edit.

And, you can add combo scenes before or after you start recording and they work exactly the same way.

It’s now even easier to capture multiple cameras and screens in several different layouts and orientation in a single take. Perfect for recording and sharing your next podcast, interview, tutorial or TikTok video. There are more updates for combo scenes on the way too so keep your eyes peeled.

Create your own responsive video layouts

To give the new combo scenes a try, make sure you have two or more scenes in your Detail project, then click the “Add Combo Scene” button. Choose a layout, select your camera or screen sources, and you’re done. If you want to change the layout or source scenes, just click the buttons at the bottom of the canvas.

On the left-hand side of the canvas, you’ll see two options for Inset and Background. Inset lets you adjust the padding around the scenes in your layout by a certain percentage and background lets you choose the background color or add a custom image. 

Toggling between horizontal and vertical mode will adjust your combo scene to fit and respect the background and inset settings. 

Download or update Detail Studio to try the new combo scenes today and let us know what you think on Discord and Twitter.

What else is new?

Transcript improvements 

  • Automatically generated transcripts are even more accurate than before.

  • You can now copy individual blocks of text from your transcript.

  • If you close and open a project, you no longer have to regenerate the transcript.

  • When you export SRT, VTT and TXT files they now appear in the Detail Library.

  • Hovering over the transcript now skims through your video in the scene drawer.

Other improvements

  • You can now create a new project with multiple existing videos via the New Project window.

  • Now, when you add a text layer you'll be able to edit it immediately, without having to click on it.

  • We've also made some improvements to waveforms and markers.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed an issue that meant you needed to reboot your Mac to use Detail Studio as a virtual camera in other apps after an update. 

  • We also fixed a bug that led to poor rendering of emoji in text layers.

You can check out the full release notes over on our changelog and if you have any feedback or need support, get in touch on Discord or Twitter.

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© 2023 Detail Technologies B.V. All rights reserved