Man filming online course video
Man filming online course video
Man filming online course video

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Stop using Canva and Loom to create your online course videos


Tima Fofana


June 6, 2024

Creating online course videos can be a daunting task, especially when juggling apps like Canva and Loom. Fortunately, Detail 4 offers a comprehensive, all-in-one solution that streamlines the process and enhances the quality of your content. Here’s why you should consider switching to the Detail iOS app for all your online course video needs.

Why use Detail to record your online course videos?

Streamlined workflow

  • All you need is your iPhone: Effortlessly showcase your skills and passions to the world with just your iPhone – no studio lighting, sound equipment, or expensive gear required.

  • Instant presets for course creators: With our latest update, setting up your recording environment is quick and easy, simplifying the course creation process by eliminating the need for complex setups.

Confidence in presentation

  • Record with confidence: Utilize the built-in teleprompter to record seamlessly with a script, ensuring smooth delivery without the need for extensive memorization.

  • Put your face anywhere: Easily position yourself in any corner of the video to enhance engagement and personalization.

Dynamic visuals

  • Stand out with layout options: Make your course videos more engaging by swapping between green screen, full screen, grid, and picture-in-picture layouts.

  • Record once, add slides later: Focus on getting your script recorded right and add slide images to the background after the recording is done.

  • Swap out slide mistakes in a tap: Update your slides without re-recording by simply replacing the image in the background of those clips.

  • Record multiple angles at once: Connect two iOS devices to record from multiple angles simultaneously. This is perfect for whiteboarding, demos, art, building, and any scenario where a second angle is beneficial.

Course creator vodeo layouts in the Detail app

Efficient editing

  • Break modules into smaller videos with AI: Generate chapters of a long recording that can be exported as separate videos in a tap, making your course more modular and digestible.

  • Edit faster with text-based editing: Read through your recording text and quickly remove silences, mistakes, or unwanted sentences.

  • Transcript download in a tap: Utilize your video transcript to create course materials such as quizzes, chapter summaries, or blog posts.

  • Get an audio version: Easily download the audio of every recording to offer audio-only options for students.

  • Promote faster with AI-generated clips: Enhance the promotion of your course by effortlessly sharing short highlight clips generated by AI.

Getting started with Detail 4

Download and setup

  • Download Detail 4: Visit the App Store and download Detail 4.

  • Open the app: Once the app is installed, launch Detail 4 on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Grant permissions: Enable access to your camera and microphone for optimal recording quality.

Creating online course videos with instant video presets

Select a preset:

  • Open the Detail app and go to the presets section.

  • Choose the ‘Present’ template, which is specifically designed for online courses.

Record or import your video:

  • Tap the record button to begin a new recording.

  • Alternatively, import an existing video from your camera roll.

Customize the layout and effects:

  • Use the layout options to arrange your video segments as needed.

  • Apply effects like background changes, filters, or blurs to enhance your video.

  • Adjust captions and background colors to fit your video’s style.

Leveraging high-quality audio enhancements

How to use:

  • Open the audio settings in Detail 4.

  • Enable Audio Enhance to improve your recording.

  • Adjust settings to eliminate room echo, background noise, and other audio issues.

Utilizing multi-camera recording

Set up multi-cam to capture your lecture from multiple angles for a dynamic presentation:

Open Detail on two iPhones or iPads to connect and record with two devices simultaneously. This setup requires no cables, just one-tap recording and instant editing, and it is ready to share on your chosen online course platform.

Seamless syncing:

  • While recording, see a preview of the video on both devices.

  • After recording, high-quality audio and video will automatically sync between both devices.

With Detail, course creators can efficiently produce high-quality online course videos using just an iPhone. This all-in-one solution streamlines the workflow, boosts confidence in presentation, offers dynamic visuals, and ensures efficient editing, making it the ultimate tool for online educators.

Download Detail 4 today and start creating professional course videos effortlessly!

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