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7 amazing video podcast setups to help you get inspired


Tima Fofana


January 25, 2023

Whether you’re adding video to upgrade an existing podcast or simply looking to revamp your current setup, you’re in the right place.

Creating a visual component for your podcast can seem like a lot of work and figuring out your setup can suck the motivation right out of you. That’s why we’ve put together this list with some of our favorite setups to help inspire you to take the leap into starting your own video podcast. 

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  1. Tuxedo Time Podcast 

This one is a top fave at Detail and the hosts, Becki and Chris, shared their home podcast studio setup if you’d like to get more information. The chilled living room vibe doesn’t get disrupted by high-tech gear like the RODECaster Pro which has been perfectly positioned for easy reach without ruining the shot. 

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  1. The Editing Podcast 

What editing pros Hayden and Jordan might lack in extensive decor, they make up for in great content. Their setup is a good example of how less truly can be more.

Their three-point camera setup captures the speakers, a post-it covered whiteboard, screen and more which helps create a dynamic yet simple setup. When this video podcast does remote interviews, those simple post-its transform into a pretty cool backdrop.  

  1. The Freelance Friday Podcast

If you’re a solo podcaster, The Freelance Friday podcast offers a  clean and simple look that’s pretty easy to replicate. The host, Latasha James has previously shared the minimal gear she uses in everything you need to start a video podcast.

You can draw inspiration from the shelves in her background and use your imagination and creativity to fill them with all kinds of props and decor to help make the shot interesting or communicate your brand.

  1. POM

We might be a bit biased when it comes to this setup but, just like you’redoing if you’re reading this post, we drew inspiration from our favorite podcasts to create this setup that in our Detail studio in Amsterdam. 

This whole studio is built around a Mac Mini running Detail and a RODECaster Pro. ‘Podcast over Media’ hosts, Alexander Klöpping and Ernst-Jan Pfauth use a modular setup that includes mics for two, three or four guests and we capture the video using two Sony cameras and an iPhone connected to Detail. 

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  1. Same Brain Podcast 

Something unique about sisters Justine and Jenna’s setup, is the fact that they switch it up every now and then. They even shoot outdoors in backyards and camping sites. 

The episodes they shoot on their own in a studio mostly only use one front-facing camera, and beyond their mics and headphones, they tend to keep the decor and props to a minimum. Their podcast is a great example of how you don’t need to invest much in furniture or plants to make it work. With a couple of RGB lights you can make any space look great. When shooting outdoors or with a guest, a second camera is often used to get an additional angle on the third speaker or wider environment. 

  1. Raw Talk 

This setup is an arcade gamer's dream come true! The red and white chairs, white table, vibrant colors and lights from the game machines are a great example of using your background to communicate your brand and content! But, with a busy background like this, you don’t need to be careful not to steal attention away from the speakers — Raw Talk nails this, thanks to the multi-angled close-ups and lighting. 

  1. Matti Haapoja Podcast 

This stripped down look of a table, chairs, plants and microphones with host Matti Haapoja’s logo and neon lights in the background is not only achievable, but it looks so neat! What’s cool about this podcast is that Matti doesn’t seem to limit himself to one setup.

From a cabin in the Norwegian mountains to a beach house in British Columbia, he proves that you can transform just about any space into a video podcast studio. 

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Feeling inspired? Time to record your own podcast.

If this post has you fired up to shoot your own video podcast, then Detail is the perfect place to start. In fact, you can now get started with just your iPhone.

With the Detail iOS app, you can:

And these are just some of the features that make podcast creation faster and easier. Download the app to get started.

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