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5 ways to improve your cooking tutorial


Tima Fofana


February 15, 2023

Whether you’re a professional chef thinking of improving your online presence or a foodie with a knack for mastering delicious recipes, knowing how to get a cooking video right is key to making sure your viewers come back for more of your mouth-watering content. 

In this article, we’re going to walk you through five steps to improve your cooking tutorials so you can show off recipes that look as good as they taste. 

  1. Capture multiple camera angles

Capturing multiple angles is a simple yet effective way of keeping your viewer's attention and making sure they stay engaged throughout your entire video. Besides, is it even a cooking video if it doesn't have an overhead camera angle? Experiment with various closeups and wide shots to create a more dynamic video. 

  1. Your audio is important

Any good foodie knows that cooking uses all the five senses and video isn’t much different. It’s not just about what the viewer is seeing on screen, but also what they’re hearing as well. Capturing high-quality audio and syncing with your video will take any video from good to great. 

There are a lot of choices out there when looking at microphones but if you’re just getting started, we recommend recording audio via an iPhone and Continuity Camera, or picking up an inexpensive USB mic like the Rode NT-USB Mini.

  1. Get your lighting right

Getting your lighting right is crucial if you want your food ingredients to look good on camera. Whether you’re using existing lamps in your home, professional lights, or natural light from a window, you need to diffuse the light to avoid harsh shadows in your video. The best way to do this is by placing a diffuser screen in front of the light. If you don’t have one you could use a sheer white bedsheet. 

  1. Plan and prep

Writing down the sequence of your cooking before filming will not only save you time, it’ll also help you figure out what the most important moments to capture are. Another thing that will make the process smoother is if you wash, measure, peel and chop your ingredients in advance. Place them in individual containers so that you have easy access to them while shooting.

  1. Use the magic of Detail

Detail can help with ALL the points above. From prepping scenes to help shoot your video in order, capturing your audio recording, to connecting and recording multiple cameras at the same time with just one click, Detail’s got you covered. Once you’re all set up, you can hit record once and then just focus on the cooking.

Here’s a quick guide to shooting your next cooking video in Detail. 

Get ready to record

Start by setting up those angles we mentioned earlier. You’ll do this by adding your scenes and selecting your cameras. Did we mention that you can get started with just your Mac and an iPhone? The last thing you need to do before hitting record is to make sure you pick your audio source.

Tip: If you want to level up the look of your video, download our foodie scene pack.

Editing made easy

Since your angles have all been individually captured in Detail, you’ll be able to easily fix mistakes and rearrange your final video. All your clips appear in the timeline and you can decide to either export separate sections or the complete video. 

Tip: To make it easier for your viewers to follow the recipe, add text of measurements, cooking times and general tips. 

Finally, it’s time to export your video which can be done both in horizontal and vertical. If you’d  like to automagically get the most important parts of your video for sharing on social media, we’ve got just the thing for it. 

Are you ready to share your recipes?

With the above guide, your cooking skills, some planning, together with the help of Detail, you’re well on your way to creating awesome videos. Check out our YouTube channel for tips on how to use Detail and if you haven’t already, download our apps for free today!

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