two women recording a podcast on an iphone
two women recording a podcast on an iphone
two women recording a podcast on an iphone

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The best free app for video podcasting on iPhone


Tima Fofana


April 18, 2024

If you're starting a podcast and need an all-in-one solution for your iPhone, Detail's app is here to help. Discover how Detail simplifies your podcasting workflow, making it quicker and more professional using just your smartphone.

Text-based editing made easy

Detail's Story Editor brings a significant improvement in how you handle video content:

  • Text-based navigation: Simply tap on the transcript to jump directly to any part of your video, eliminating the hassle of manual scrubbing.

  • Multi-Select: Quickly enhance your editing by selecting multiple text segments at once, enabling bulk edits such as cutting silences or exporting specific parts. This integration with the Story Editor boosts your productivity effortlessly.

Automate your editing

For those recording dialogues or interviews, Detail's Podcast Auto Edit is a standout feature:

  • Speaker recognition: It automatically identifies and sorts speakers, keeping your video organized.

  • Dynamic camera swapping: Automatically adjusts the camera angle to focus on the current speaker, enriching viewer engagement.

  • Seamless transitions: Smooth transitions are automatically added to fit the conversation’s flow, giving your podcast a professional touch.

Empower your production with AI features

Detail extends its capabilities with AI-enhanced features that enrich video production:

  • AI captions: Automatically generate precise captions, increasing your video's accessibility and engagement.

  • Chapters: Use AI to break your video into manageable chapter markers, making navigation and editing much simpler, especially for lengthy content.

  • AI Content Writer: Automatically creates compelling titles, descriptions, and captions, easing the transition from editing to posting.

Seamless syncing and multi-camera recording

Eliminate the frustration of manual syncing. Detail’s technology ensures your audio and video are perfectly synchronized:

  • Multiplayer recording: Start recording on two iPhones with just a tap to capture every angle, perfect for dynamic scenes or interviews.

  • Seamless syncing: Just open Detail on two nearby iPhones, start recording, and your files will sync automatically after recording.

  • Instant editing: Quickly switch between various video layouts, apply edits, add captions, and share your content instantly.

FAQ: Getting Started with Podcasting Using Detail

Q: Can I prepare my podcast intro in advance with Detail?

A: Absolutely! Detail includes a built-in teleprompter feature, perfect for preparing and reading your intros or any other scripted part of your podcast directly in the app. This tool helps you deliver your content smoothly, ensuring you appear professional and prepared.

Q: How can I make my podcast visually engaging?

A: Detail offers dynamic video layouts that allow you to change the visual presentation of your podcast. Whether you prefer a split-screen, picture-in-picture, or another creative layout, Detail makes it easy to add a professional touch to your video content.

Q: Is there a way to manage multiple speakers in my podcast?

A: Yes, Detail's Podcast Auto Edit feature includes speaker recognition, which automatically identifies and differentiates between speakers. This ensures that the focus shifts seamlessly to whoever is speaking, enhancing the clarity and dynamism of your podcast.

Q: How do I handle the technical aspects of syncing audio and video?

A: Detail simplifies this process with its seamless syncing capability. Just start recording on two devices using the app, and it will automatically synchronize the audio and video files once you're done, eliminating any hassle with manual syncing.

Q: What if I want to edit parts of my podcast after recording?

A: With Detail’s text-based Story Editor, you can easily navigate and edit your podcast. Just tap on the transcript to jump to specific sections, use Multi-Select to edit or delete multiple segments at once, or add AI-generated captions and summaries to enhance your final product.

With Detail, transforming your iPhone into a powerful podcasting tool is easy. Integrating these advanced features into your workflow reduces the time and effort needed to produce engaging, high-quality videos. Download Detail for free today and explore the extensive capabilities of your mobile podcasting studio.

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