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The easiest way to record a video tutorial with a screen and an iPhone


Daniel Duke


November 29, 2022

Video tutorials and e-learning content have completely revolutionized the way we learn and quality learning material is more accessible than ever. 

It's now projected that the worldwide e-learning market will be worth $374.3 Billion in 2026 and the big learning platforms just keep growing — Skillshare now has over 12 million registered users and more than 35,000 courses! 

So there’s never been a better time to share your skills and knowledge, build community, and make a living creating video learning resources. 

How Detail Studio makes creating tutorial videos easier

You’ve probably watched a lot of this content yourself — any time you wanted to learn a new DaVinci effect, get past a big boss in your favorite video game or just change a fuse. But recording and editing quality tutorials or course content can feel daunting.

There’s a whole range of screen recording tools out there and, while some of these are great, they don’t give you any freedom in post-production. 

If you make a mistake or need to go back and change something in the edit, you can’t and you might need to record a huge part of your video (or even the whole thing) again. This is because with most tools your screen recording and your camera are baked into a single video.

With Detail Studio you can record your camera and your screens separately so you can easily remix and repackage your content for different platforms AFTER you’re done recording. Just want the screen recording? You’ve got it. Made a mistake and need to retake? It’s easier than ever.

And with Detail Studio you can record video with any cameras you have, capture screens at a crystal clear 30 FPS, and combine your recordings into engaging picture-in-picture and side-by-side shots or even as vertical videos to share on social media. Here’s how. 

Record and edit a video tutorial in Detail Studio

Setting up

First you need to set up your camera and a screen share in Detail. This will give you clean, multi-camera footage of a presenter and a screen recording for any kind of tutorial video.

Note: in this post we’re going to be using a camera and a scene but you can follow the same steps to record using multiple cameras or a single camera.

Next you need to create a combo scene. Combo Scenes are combinations of two or more of your other scenes that you can put together to create really dynamic and engaging video.

For a video tutorial, you’ll probably want to use picture in picture with your screen nice and big and your camera down in the corner. Use fill mode for both sources to have them fill the frames.

Now for the real magic. If you want to shoot your social media content as you go, just set up a second Combo Scene, and this time choose the vertical split screen option. 

Place your talking head on top in “fill” mode and your screen recording underneath in “fit" mode — this means you can see the whole screen even in vertical aspect ratio!

Before you hit record, make sure you select your audio source! If you need to capture audio with your screen recordings, you can use audio routing software like Loopback or BlackHole, or set up an aggregate audio device using Audio MIDI Setup on your Mac.

Once you’re all set up, just hit record and start sharing your knowledge.

Playback and editing

Detail records the combo scenes you’ve set up as well as capturing camera and screen separately so you can fix mistakes, reformat your final video or just export your separate recordings when you’re finished.

Once you’re done recording, you’ll see your clips on the timeline. All of your different scenes have been recorded and will be totally in sync.

You can play your video back, split clips (using the "X" key on your keyboard or right clicking and selecting "Split Clip") and delete any sections you don’t want. If you want to make precision edits, you can zoom in on the timeline by pressing ⌘ and the +/- keys on your keyboard. Want to become a Detail power user? Check out the full list of shortcuts.

You can also reorder your clips if you want to move a section of your video somewhere else in the timeline. This is super handy if you need to reshoot part of your video — you can record the new take at the end of your timeline, move it to the right place and use a scene switch or a zoom cut to hide any jumps.

Because you’ve recorded all of the scenes that you added to the scene drawer, you can switch between all these different scenes in your edit. Maybe you just want to have your face on the screen for the intro or switch to screen recording only for a key part of the tutorial — with Detail that's super easy. Just split the clip, right-click on the clip you want to swap out, select “Replace Scene” and then choose the scene you want to use instead.

Alternatively you can select the clip you want to swap and click on the scene you want to replace it with or hit ⌥ and the number (1-9) of the scene you want to swap to.

If you want to remix the same recordings into a different layout that you didn’t set up before recording, you can do that too.

Just move the playhead to the end of the timeline so you’re back in “Live” mode, add a new combo scene and choose the layout you want. You can remix your video in as many ways as you like and you can even switch to this new combo scene in your previously recorded video!

You can also import videos into your timeline in Detail — perfect for adding an animated intro or outro or other pre-recorded clips. Just click on "Timeline > Import Video…" in the Menu Bar and select the video you want to add. Your external video is added as a separate scene and you can edit it and move it around the timeline just like your recorded clips.

Exporting videos for Youtube, LinkedIn, and social media

To export your full video, just hit the export button at the top right of the Detail window.

To save a clip on its own, right-click on the clip you want to save and select “Export Clip”. To export video in vertical format, toggle vertical mode by hitting the icon in the top left of the Detail window and exporting your video or clips in the same way.

Any clips or videos you export will be saved in your Detail Library. If you need shareable clips for social media, just hit “Create Highlights” to upload your video and, if it's long enough, Detail will automatically generate highlights. Learn more about highlights in this post.

Easy right? Why not try it yourself?

If you’re ready to get started, you can download the latest version of Detail Studio on the App Store now. If you have any questions or feedback, you can join us on Discord or reach out to And you can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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